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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Peter, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest


    I just purchased a computer with an XP identification sticker on it.. But no
    copy of XP came with the computer. Can I legally install a copy of XP on
    this computer...


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    Peter, Mar 28, 2006
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  2. Peter

    s.t.e.v.e. Guest

    Nothing boots when you turn it on?
    s.t.e.v.e., Mar 28, 2006
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  3. Peter

    Mark Guest

    By "XP Identification sticker" do you mean a Licence sticker with the
    product (ie Home/Pro) and the 25 digit product key on it?

    If this is the case, yes you will be legally able to install (that)
    version of XP on it.

    Mark, Mar 28, 2006
  4. Peter

    Fred Dagg Guest

    Assuming you mean a Certificate of Authentication, yes, this means you
    are entitled to install Windows XP, using the numbers on the sticker.
    Fred Dagg, Mar 28, 2006
  5. Peter

    Don Hills Guest

    Assuming the EULA wording has not changed since Windows 2000, you are
    almost certainly incorrect. Machines with the sticker attached to the case
    are almost always loaded with an OEM version of Windows that is machine
    specific. The only valid reload is the recovery partition, recovery CD or
    OEM Windows CD supplied with the machine. No CD? Then you go back to the
    machine builder to get it reloaded. Any other course of action invalidates
    the license. I've debated whether Microsoft care about this or not in
    another post close to this one.
    Don Hills, Mar 28, 2006
  6. Peter

    James West Guest

    so there was NO version of XP on the hard disk then??

    James West, Mar 28, 2006
  7. Be a pretty hard thing to miss wouldn't it?
    Waylon Kenning, Mar 28, 2006
  8. Peter

    Jonno Guest

    It may be a second hand computer?
    Jonno, Mar 28, 2006
  9. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Yes the identification Sticker. with the code you need to install XP..

    I bought a second hand computer to run linux on. I would like to sell
    another computer and put both XP and the sticker on. Just want it all legal.
    As I may be doing this to a number of computers..

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    Peter, Mar 28, 2006
  10. Peter

    Alan Guest

    I doubt you can do that legally.

    Usually, the license is specific to that machine - it cannot be
    transferred to another machine by moving the sticker.



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    Alan, Mar 28, 2006
  11. Peter

    John Guest

    My understanding is an OEM version stays with the machine, retail
    versions can be transferred.

    John, Mar 28, 2006
  12. Peter

    Fred Dagg Guest

    Yes, but if the sticker is on that machine, it stands to reason that
    that is the machine the license is tied to, therefore making it
    entirely legitimate to install WinXP.
    Fred Dagg, Mar 28, 2006
  13. Peter

    RJ Guest

    yes if it has a license sticker it is licensed
    you may find your key doesnt work with all CDs though
    RJ, Mar 28, 2006
  14. Peter

    RJ Guest

    If it is an OEM license this cannot legally be done. The OEM license is
    bound to the original machine, and the sticker can't be removed legally,
    or in one piece.
    RJ, Mar 28, 2006
  15. Peter

    Nik Coughlin Guest

    Don't take the sticker off, swap the cases.
    Nik Coughlin, Mar 28, 2006
  16. Peter

    Fred Dagg Guest

    This is incorrect, and we have sought formal confirmation of this from
    Microsoft in the past.

    Assuming the COA originally came with that computer (ie it is
    non-transferable, so had to have originally come with that computer),
    then that machine is licensed to run Windows XP. How you install it
    (ie via recovery partition or third party CD) is totally irrelevant.

    If you need a CD, you can order one directly from Microsoft for $50.
    However, the media is secondary to the license - you can completely
    legitimately use a mate's CD, if you have the COA. If it doesn't
    activate, you can ring Microsoft, explain the situation, and they will
    activate it for you.
    Fred Dagg, Mar 30, 2006
  17. Peter

    EMB Guest

    That's been my experience with several machines in the last few weeks -
    Microsoft have been perfectly understanding and had no problem
    whatsoever in activating the software.
    EMB, Mar 30, 2006
  18. Peter

    Don Hills Guest

    Do you have that in writing from Microsoft? It does appear to be contrary to
    the EULA. If it's valid, that's good news.
    Don Hills, Mar 30, 2006
  19. Peter

    Fred Dagg Guest

    What particular clause in the EULA states that you cannot install
    Fred Dagg, Mar 30, 2006
  20. Peter

    Don Hills Guest

    The OEM EULA clause that says you can't install any other version than the
    one shipped with the system. I'll see if I still have the hardcopy...
    Don Hills, Mar 30, 2006
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