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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Scott C. Van Sanford, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. Seeking to answer the question
    "Who Knows Dot Info?"

    "Who Knows Dot Info" is a 'Virtual Users Group', currently in the earliest
    stages of formation.

    We are committed to empowering support by improving the ease of use,
    availability, and immediate usefulness of support knowledge.

    As our name, "Who Knows Dot Info," reflects, that just as sometimes it's not
    so much WHAT you know, as WHO you know, at other times it's far more of a
    question of "Do you know how to know who knows?"

    Unlike may other support oriented groups, our purpose is to focus NOT on the
    answers, mind you, but more the questions. Serving less as a yet another
    knowledge base or fix-oriented help desk, but rather as a catalyst for
    establishing a Meta Knowledge Base, seeking through discussion and resource
    sharing to establish a knowledge base of knowledge bases, and eventually
    providing a programatic help desk serving to guide users to the appropriate
    fix-oriented knowledge bases and help desks across the internet.

    The term 'Virtual' Users Group is meant to highlight the fact that Who Knows
    Dot Info's membership will linked more by a common shared vision than by a
    common shared geography. Who Knows Dot Info seeks members whereever they
    may be found, the sole membership criteria being a desire to support our
    vision for empowering support.

    To more effectively access support and support knowledge, whereever that
    knowledge may be found, requires not only aiding access to the vast wealth
    of knowledge encapsulated in the various Support Knowledge Bases scattered
    accross the web, but further includes linking users to those supportive
    individuals that are our ultimate knowledge bases

    Since such a broad spectrum solution will require that the problem space be
    subdivided, and since mere discussions alone, without any consequent actions
    toward realizing discussion's goals, might be a potentially futile effort,
    three conceptually related off-shoot projects have been established at
    HeKnows.Info, eKnows.Info, and eKnows.Net.

    These three supporting projects and implementation staging grounds are
    currently instantiated as co-resident domains, which will be separated into
    three discrete entities as the need arises.

    Thus, WhoKnows.Info will be supported in its mission and even member without
    their own independent means for creating trial implementations of the
    systems actions suggested in our discussions will be richly supported in
    pursuit of our answers to the age old question of "Who Knows Dot Info?".

    It is hoped, but by no means required, that some portion of the members of
    Who Knows Dot Info may join onto one or more of these supporting project
    teams, each of which will be endeavoring to instantiate some aspect of the
    specific resources desirable in furtherance of our goals and aspirations of
    better assisting users.

    Who Knows Dot Info (http://www.WhoKnows.Info) will serve as the Users
    Group's home, providing a forum for the sharing of ideas, methodologies, and
    resources which might enable the membership to better answer the question
    "Who Knows Dot Info?" addressing the core questions of how to improve the
    accessibility of support knowledge and resources, not only to Who Knows Dot
    Info members, but for members of the larger Dot Net community as well, and
    ideally at some point extending our reach so as to offer the benefits of our
    discussions, and the improvements thereby engendered, to the greater
    computing community at large.

    "He Knows Dot Info" (http://www.HeKnows.Info) will serve as the home for a
    team undertaking to guide users to supportive individuals and organizations,
    providing answers to the literal question "Who Knows Dot Info?" initially
    abstractly, and then as a simple catalog, but with the long term goal of
    answering that question ever more effectively and appropriately by
    instantiating a knowledge base linking individuals, websites, and
    organizations as specific solutions to specific problems, thereby offering
    specific "He Knows Dot Info" answers to specific "Who Knows Dot Info?"
    questions, in much the same way as support.microsoft.com will direct a user
    to prospective solutions for a specific error code.

    "eKnows Info" (http://www.eKnows.Info) will serve as the home for a team
    undertaking, in a similar manner, to guide users to appropriate electronic
    resources, those 'e' rather than 'He' resources, in the form of knowledge
    bases, discussion groups, and other supportive resources, both identifying
    those resources and furthermore offering guidance regarding the best means
    of more effectively accessing the sought for knowledge therein.

    Finally "eKnows .Net" (http://www.eKnows.Net) will serve as the home for a
    team undertaking the development of a .NET Connected Application endeavoring
    to instantiate the goals and aspirations of Who Knows Dot Info, thereby
    leveraging the insights of Who Knows Dot Info, combined with the knowledge
    stores of HeKnows.Info and eKnows.Info.

    The initial focus of the eKnows.Net development team will be on leveraging
    these insights and knowledge on behalf of members of the Dot Net community,
    but hopefully in time this focus will expand in an effort to offer similar
    benefits to the greater computing community at large as well.

    As stated before, while it is hoped that some members of Who Knows Dot Info
    may join onto one or more of these off-shoot project teams, this will by no
    means be required.

    If the notions described here appeal to you, then I would invite you to
    visit us at http://www.WhoKnows.Info/www .

    Scott C. Van Sanford ~ Founder
    Scott C. Van Sanford, Aug 10, 2004
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