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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by geejoy, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. geejoy

    geejoy Guest

    About Netkook Troll/Newsgroups Flooder Michael "mrtravel" Voight

    "mrtravel" is the usenet handle of a brainless usenet troll whose
    real name is Michael Voight <> . He works for Cisco in
    San Jose and apparently they don't keep him busy enough so he has to troll
    usenet when he isn't looking for foreign brides to marry in exchange for
    money in alt.visa.us.marriage-based and alt.personals.big-folks, or trying
    to pick up minors in alt.personals.teens or any of the number of creepy
    newsgroups he frequents. Some of his other trolling aliases are Network
    Guy and .

    He's got a daughter in Orange County that one of his ex-wives had the
    intelligence to take away from him. Lord only knows what could have
    happened to her if she had continued to live with the kook. The other kids
    he has
    belong to his previous Russian sleazy brides, and since they come and go so
    do the kids. It wouldn't hurt to let Cisco know what kind of deviant
    pervert maniac they have working for them, so....

    For starters, forward his idiotic posts to .

    He works in technical support, so forward them to .

    He often posts through sbcglobal and prodigy, so forward them to
    and as well.

    You can also call them at 1 800 553 2447 and ask to speak with a supervisor
    and explain that you are EXTREMELY unhappy that this idiot spends his whole
    at work playing on the internet on company time. THEY WILL NOT LIKE THAT.

    Then write to corporate headquarters explaining what this idiot is doing
    and telling them HOW BAD IT IS FOR THEIR COMPANY IMAGE. They will LOVE
    you brought this to their attention:

    Cisco Systems, Inc.
    170 West Tasman Dr.
    San Jose, CA 95134

    Then also call them. You should always follow up email or letters with
    phone calls. Always ask for supervisors or managers. Try to get as far up

    (800)553-NETS or

    Contact Investor Relations and tell them you are interested in investing in
    their company but won't do so until they get rid of this asshole who is
    wasting company resources:

    Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Investor Relations Department
    170 West Tasman Drive
    San Jose, CA 95134-1706
    Phone: (408) 526-8890
    Fax: (408) 526-4545

    Might as well contact customer service too, they LOVE to hear about this
    type of stuff:

    USA 1 800 553 6387

    Then finally, send letters with copies of his nasty posts addressed
    personally to each one of the OFFICERS of the company using the
    headquarters address.
    Believe me, they READ your complaints and are VERY INTERESTED in them,
    especially if it's about one of their employees. They will take a PERSONAL
    interest in rooting this ASSHOLE out of their company:

    John Morgridge, Chairman
    John Chambers, President, CEO
    Donald Valentine, Vice Chairman
    Larry Carter, CFO, Sr. VP-Fin. and Admin., Sec., Director
    Richard Justice, Sr. VP, Worldwide Field Operations

    Have fun!
    geejoy, Jul 23, 2003
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  2. What's the matter, don't you like that guy?

    no one in particular, Jul 23, 2003
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