Which is the better camera: Canon G5 or the S50

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by AJM, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. AJM

    AJM Guest

    Which is the better camera: Canon G5 or the S50
    AJM, Jan 7, 2004
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  2. AJM

    JA Guest

    My first digital camera was a S30, which is very similar to the S50 in
    terms of look and user interaction. The middle fo last year I bought
    a Canon G5, and my wife still uses the S30 quite happily.

    I was absolutlely delighted with the S30. It takes great pictures, and
    its size is perfect for the pocket. Mine has made four trips around
    the world now and has not missed a beat in nearly three years. I find
    it easy to use and a great little camera.

    So why did I buy a G5 - the two things that were missing in the S30/50
    are an external hot shoe, and no way to mount filters (specifically
    polarising filters. The in built flash on the S30/45/50 is pathetic -
    if you do a lot of flash work then a good external bounce flash is
    essential. I bought the Canon 420 EX unit for the G5 and it works
    very well for me. I take a lot of landscape photos and use a
    polariser extensively - you cannot get the same effects with

    Having now put about 1500 photos through the G5 in the last few months
    I have discovered other nice things that mke it better (for me) thatn
    the S30/45/50. The pull-out and swivel LCD display is a great help -
    particularly when composing a shot form a difficult camera angle. And
    the remote control is fun when you want to be in the photo yourself.

    Downside with the G5? The optical viewfinder is almost useless. It is
    much bulkier thatn the S50 (but still much better thatn an SLR), and
    purple fringing is realy apparent in some lighting conditions.
    JA, Jan 7, 2004
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  3. AJM,

    supposing that you consider aquiring one of these two cameras I would
    like to add to the ohterwise excellent posting by JA that you might have
    a look ath the Canon S45 and the Canon G3 as well.
    You may get these a bit cheaper without loosing much in features and
    actually gaining some better service by the 4 MP chip in some respects
    than the 5 MP variety of cameras in your choice.
    In terms of prints 4 MP will be excellent up to sizes of 8x10".

    Guenter Fieblinger, Jan 7, 2004
  4. AJM

    Dave Brown Guest

    I have the G3 and also looked at the Sxx versions from Canon before
    buying the G3. Everyting said above is true, along with the options
    for add on lenses. There are minor differences between the G5 ad G3
    (just resolution and color), so if you can find the G3 go for it and
    you will be infinitely happier.

    I owned an S10 at one time and loved it. It was a fun, but limited

    Dave Brown, Jan 7, 2004
  5. AJM

    Chong Guest

    Hi all

    I am also in the process of buying the G5. I currently own the S30 and
    have been a very happy user for 2 years. I feel it's very limited in
    the zooming and vdo quality is not as good as expected. However i've
    taken great pics with it.

    My friends own the S40 and we compared our photo quality from both
    cameras. The S40 pictures taken with the same settings appear much
    clearer. Also the vdo quality is much better.

    I am hoping the G5 will be even better. I'd like to take professional
    like quality photos and feel that the G5 will be able to accomodate
    this need. That is using the telephoto lens and flash attachments. I'd
    be interested to hear the pros and con of buying the s50 over the G5.

    another amateur photographer

    Chong, Feb 19, 2004
  6. AJM

    jason Guest

    The G5 has a better lens right off the bat, without attachments. 4x
    zoom versus 3x on the S50, and it also opens up wider at full
    telephoto, letting more light in. Better macro performance too. The
    S50 lens seems to have a little more distortion as well, but probably
    not enough to be a concern.

    Another big factor for me was battery life. The G5 lasts about twice
    as long as the S50 on a single battery charge.

    You should also know, someone does make a lens adapter for the

    I considered the S50 simply because it is smaller and would fit in a
    pocket easily. But that was the ONLY reason I would get the S50, so I
    wound up getting the G5 because of the extra features. Before buying
    it, I considered the flip-out LCD to be sort of a gimmick. Now that
    I've used it for a while, I've realized that it is extremely useful on
    many shots.

    Also, I did look for a G3 online first, since I thought it would be
    cheaper - turns out that a REFURBISHED G3 is going for the same price
    as a BRAND NEW G5. I guess all of those negative reviews about
    Chromatic Aberration and increased noise have hurt G5 sales. Fine by
    me! I got an awesome deal on it. And the problems have been blown WAY
    out of proportion. I think most people were just mad that the G5 was a
    "quick fix" to the G3 because it didn't add anything new except the
    bigger sensor. I guess these are the people who buy a new camera every
    9 months or so just to have the newest version.

    jason, Feb 21, 2004
  7. AJM

    Quaoar Guest

    The G5s lens problems are there, as are the G3 lens problems, but not to
    the degree of severity of the G5, IMO. I cannot speak to the S50, but I
    believe it also must have some of the chromatic abs, blooming, and
    distorion of the Canons. The G5 lens characteristics can most easily be
    appreciated with nighttime exposures containing pinpoint light sources.
    Tripod mount star shots provide good examples and are easy to do. The
    blooming and aberation are obvious and annoying to say the least. Canon
    should consider at least bowing their corporate heads in shame. Public
    sepuku is probably out of the question, but appropriate.

    Quaoar, Feb 23, 2004
  8. AJM

    HK Guest

    Minolta S414 and I am a G3 owner

    HK, Feb 28, 2004
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