which inkjet colors need replacement first?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Aaron Epstein, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. I have just purchased the Canon i860 inkjet printer. I am going to a
    Trade show this weekend and plan to purchase ink refills for the

    As the i860 has 5 separate ink compartments, I am asking if when using
    primarily for printing photos, if usually which color needs
    replacements first?

    best, Aaron
    Aaron Epstein, Feb 24, 2004
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  2. (Aaron Epstein) wrote in
    My i9100 uses the photo magenta and photo cyan and the black fastest.

    Roland Karlsson, Feb 24, 2004
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  3. Aaron Epstein

    Flycaster Guest

    It depends on your average print. If most of them are people shots of
    Caucasians, photo magenta for sure. If you do a lot of landscapes or
    general travel shots, probably black and photo cyan.
    Flycaster, Feb 24, 2004
  4. Aaron Epstein

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Don't know about your printer, but my wife and I both seem to empty the
    yellow first.
    Ron Hunter, Feb 24, 2004
  5. It depends on the subject. BTW remember that non-manufacturer ink MAY
    not perform the same or as well as the original ink.
    Joseph Meehan, Feb 25, 2004
  6. Aaron Epstein

    Woobie Guest

    Yellow goes the fastest for me.
    Woobie, Feb 25, 2004
  7. Aaron Epstein

    JoeG Guest

    Throw your PRINTER in the TRash -- You'll save money -- I have a canon
    i900 printer -- after changing cartridges more times than changing
    clothes it became apparent that they could GIVE these printers aways and
    still make a fortune -- it's OK for an occasional PHOTO -- to get
    archive quality pictures simply upload your pictures to

    SamsClub for 23cents a photo
    or Walmart for 26 cents...
    JoeG, Feb 25, 2004
  8. Aaron Epstein

    Lucas Tam Guest

    (Aaron Epstein) wrote in

    Check AtlanticInkJet.com and weInk.com before you purchase ink. These two
    stores sell high quality refill ink for a really good price - maybe better
    than the stuff you find at the tradeshow.
    Lucas Tam, Feb 25, 2004
  9. Aaron Epstein

    Jimn Guest

    I don't own the Canon... but in my Epson 1280 all four colors are
    consummed at about the same rate... ie when the cyan is gone, so are the
    other three... hence I have never seen the need for seperate ink
    cartridges. I suppose if I were doing studio protraits etc. with the
    same or similar backgrounds then I would find differently. But, for
    scenics, they all go at the same time.

    Jimn, Feb 25, 2004
  10. Aaron Epstein

    Dave Cox Guest

    (Aaron Epstein) wrote in
    I have a Canon i960 with 6 seperate cartridges. My photo magenta,yellow
    and photo cyan are the most used so far, those are around 50% the rest
    are anywhere between 85%-95% full.
    I'd estimate I have printed 30 4x6 and 10 8x11.5 photos. I have seen
    replacemnet cartridges for as low as $5.00 US online......So I'm just
    wondering if refills are the way to go. I have refilled cartridges in
    the past and found it is way to much trouble then it's worth. These
    Canon cartridges would be very easy to refill though. I really like the
    fact they are clear so you can see what the actual ink level is.

    Dave Cox, Feb 25, 2004
  11. Aaron Epstein

    stan Guest

    This depends entirely on the images you print. For example, if you tend
    to shoot and print scenes with a lot of yellow in them and little black,
    you'll be replacing the yellow more than the black cartridge.
    stan, Feb 25, 2004
  12. Aaron Epstein

    bob Guest


    Counting the 4x6 as 1/4 of an 8.5x11, that comes to about $1 per sheet for
    ink. is the $5 for Canon cartridges or generics?

    bob, Feb 25, 2004
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