which imaging package will work?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by TFC, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. TFC

    TFC Guest

    I need to grab an image for 2 servers with Raid 5 ( 3 drives each)
    for emergency recovery .. before they crap out!
    One is W2k server and the other is SBS 2003

    The W2k server is old. Small 36gb, 3 drives, raid 5, small boot (C:)
    partition and another single data partition. I don't want to have to
    reinstall from scratch if the drive fails.
    I've used Drive Image 7 in the past with great success but don't think
    it'll support raid as I understand.

    I'd like to be able to do image back up that will restore back onto
    same raid system i.e if the whole thing fails OR at minimum for the W2k
    server anyway, it will restore back onto a single drive.

    Reading about Acronis, it looks like the "server" version is $700 ???
    and the single version is only about $60. Is this right??

    So this means, the single version will not work with any server? Raid
    or otherwise?
    If it does, will it have a problem restoring to raid or ?

    TFC, Mar 29, 2006
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  2. TFC

    JD Guest

    I was curious about this myself, I have two servers one an old gaming pc
    with a couple of sata drives and an adaptec sata controller, the other a
    "real" server dual core PIII 933's with 4x 9.1 SCSI drives in raid 5.

    As I've said before in previous posts I do not see the point in backing
    up the whole operating system, as I use freeBSD on the servers I just
    backup the data and the samba config file and it takes about 20 minutes
    to restore the whole lot.

    I've just checked with Norton/Symantec GHOST 2003 and my Proliant's,
    four disk SCSI array, is discovered with no problems.
    As are the SATA drives on the controller of the other server.

    One interesting thing I did note when installing FreeBSD on the dual
    core proliant was that when I tried to use Partition Magic 8 to erase
    the drive, I got some error message about not being able to preform
    operations on a NT4 filesystem.

    As for which imaging package will work, I do not see why the normal
    versions of ghost or true image wont work, however they may be coded
    like my partition magic and give some error message, and force you to
    buy the expensive package, I assume the server editions will have better
    Controller card support and handle large (TB) disk arrays.

    Adapter cards tested were:
    64 bit Adaptec/Compaq Smart array 431
    Adaptec SATA RAID 1210SA

    JD, Apr 1, 2006
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