which exam should I take first?

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by i-DLT, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. i-DLT

    i-DLT Guest


    I am pursuing a MCDBA Certification, for my elective I want to take a
    Development Exam, I curretly work as a developer and I have experience
    developing netwok sockets, web services, xml and web applications, all using
    c#, but still would like to take the softest exam of the three first, which
    one would you recommend?, can someone rate them in order of difficulty? which
    are the main topics to master in order to pass? I certainly think ado.net is
    one of them isn't it hehe :D

    Hope to hear from you all!
    i-DLT, Aug 22, 2005
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  2. i-DLT

    Sudar Guest

    Here is my order from easiest to toughest

    web programming - > Windows Programming -> Web services

    Since you already have some Web Programming experience, I would suggest
    you to take up web programming exam in either C# or VB.NET

    Hope this helps and all the best
    Sudar, Aug 22, 2005
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  3. i-DLT

    i-DLT Guest

    Thx it does help, also, I am wondering which areas have the most questions?

    do these topics really weight in the exam?
    * Globalization
    * Accessibility
    * Tracing
    * Deployment
    * Caching
    i-DLT, Aug 24, 2005
  4. i-DLT

    DST Guest

    I don't remember enough of the exams to tell you which topics really
    weight (I took 14 MS exams the past year), the only topic that stands
    out is ADO.NET and SQL.

    But I remember questions about all the topics you mention, except
    accessibility, of this I'm not sure.

    Don't forget security, like runtime security policies and configuration
    of IIS for authentication.

    DST, Aug 24, 2005
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