Which DVD writer to choose ?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by come_mon_come_mon!, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. After 3 years of torturing, my LG 4167B DVD writer could no longer
    recognize DVD content without many retries. Now I intend to purchase
    another DVD writer for replacement. SATA or IDE interface were OK for
    me although I prefer SATA type for performance issue.

    My PC used Gigabyte GA-8S655FX-L motherboard and OS installed was
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2.

    The manual has below description related to SATA:

    - Onboard SiS 964
    - 2 Serial ATA connectors in 150 MB/s operation mode
    - Supports Disk striping (RAID0) or DISK Mirroring (RAID1)
    - Support JBOD function
    - Supports UDMA up to 150 MB/sec
    - UDMA and PIO Modes
    - Up to 2 SATA Device

    I remembered SATA was set to IDE mode in BIOS when I installed my SATA
    II HDD.

    Could anyone comment on below DVD models, which one would you

    Samsung TSH 653 SATA, TS H652 IDE
    Lite-On DH20A4P IDE, DH-20A4H IDE, LH-18A3L SATA, iHAS120 SATA,
    iHAS220 SATA
    Pioneer DVR-116 IDE, DVR-216 SATA, DVR-S16 SATA, DVR-A16FX
    Philips SPD2517BM SATA, SPD2517BD SATA
    HP DVD1635i IDE

    I use my new DVD writer heavily on video conversion. Those videos
    (20-40 chapters) will be burned from my Pioneer DVR-550H-s recorder. I
    do the conversion everyday. That is, 20-40 video clips will be
    extracted from DVD-RW (or DVD+RW) disc everyday and converted to mpg
    files using TSUNAMI MPEG DVD EasyPack. I seldom playback DVD directly
    from DVD drive and I don't burn DVD using my DVD drive often i.e. less
    than 1 disc burnt everyday on average.

    I prefer SATA DVD writer because I think IDE interface will fade out
    in coming motherboards and I think my Gigabyte motherboard will "die"
    before the new DVD writer I buy soon. Besides, I found my current IDE
    LG drive occupied all the CPU time sometimes during video coversion
    from DVD+/-RW. I hope that a new SATA interface DVD writer will avoid
    my PC from being "hung up" when it's working on video conversion.

    PS: Due to my bad experience with my current LG DVD writer, I prefer
    other brands of DVD writers. Yet, if you think LG drive quality have
    no problem so, please still suggest which model you prefer.

    come_mon_come_mon!, Nov 14, 2008
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  2. come_mon_come_mon!

    Tony Guest

    From your list either LG or Pioneer. The rest are junk especially phillips
    and samsung.

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    beyond the realm of understandability

    Regards Tony... Making usenet better for everyone everyday
    Tony, Nov 14, 2008
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  3. pioneer
    [email protected], Nov 14, 2008
  4. come_mon_come_mon!

    Andy Guest

    If merely reading a DVD disk with the LG drive sucks up all the CPU
    time, it means that the motherboard IDE interface is running in PIO
    mode instead of DMA mode.
    Andy, Nov 14, 2008
  5. You reminded me I have an old SONY DVD-ROM drive. May be I can use
    that old stuff.
    come_mon_come_mon!, Nov 15, 2008
  6. I have below BIOS settings:

    Sis Serial ATA Controller [Enabled/Disabled], Enabled set.
    Sis Serial ATA Mode [IDE/RAID], IDE choosed. I must use this ATA mode
    setting otherwise my SATA II HDD won't be recognized by Windows.

    Besides, Serial ATA RAID Quick User¡¦s Guide have below

    For the best performance and reliability, please read the following
    1. In serial ATA port, use Native serial ATA drives. Parallel ATA to
    ATA converter board is NOT suggested.
    2. In parallel ATA port, use ATA 66/100/133 hard drives
    3. Use the same model hard drives.
    4. If you have only two serial ATA drives, the auto-configure function
    assign each on a different channel as a master drive. Using only two
    parallel ATA drives to create a RAID array is NOT suggested. It might
    decrease performance.
    5. Always use 80-conductor cables.
    6. We strongly recommend you should use ¡§DMA¡¨ transfer mode.
    7. The recommended block size is 64K when creating RAID 0 and
    RAID 0+1.
    8. The best selecting sequence of creating RAID 0+1 is Primary
    Master(1) -> Secondary Master(3) -> Primary Slave(2) ->
    Secondary Slave(4).

    I don't follow the setting because I don't configure RAID.
    come_mon_come_mon!, Nov 15, 2008
  7. come_mon_come_mon!

    Shaun Guest


    I have an LG DVD burner too. Is there any way to switch it back to DMA


    Shaun, Nov 16, 2008
  8. Assuming its not usb...see if the drive has any settings you can enable in
    the BIOS.


    GM sucks, pass it on.
    §ñühwØ£f, Nov 17, 2008
  9. come_mon_come_mon!

    Andy Guest

    To check the transfer mode of the IDE interface, open Windows Device
    Manager / IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers / Properties of the IDE Channel
    that the DVD drive is connected to.
    Andy, Nov 18, 2008
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