Which chat protocol most closely fits my needs?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by GreenXenon, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. GreenXenon

    GreenXenon Guest


    I am looking for a chat protocol with all the following
    characteristics -- to the largest extent possible:

    1. No download/installation of anything necessary
    2. Does not require ActiveX or Internet Explorer
    3. Does not use or require Java or JavaScript
    4. Most difficult for other chatters to figure out my IP address, MAC
    address, and other electronic IDs.
    5. Is text-only [not able to transmit/receive files, images, or other
    6. Does not allow uploading/downloading to/from other chatters
    7. Can be accessed by most OSes/browsers
    8. Does not have any IM/PM capability [when I post my message, I want
    everyone in the chat room to see it. In addition, I just hate it when
    other chatters PM/IM me.]
    9. Is real-time - i.e. I post my message and those in the room can
    immediately reply to me.
    10. Transmits/receives small amounts of text rapidly - unlike Usenet
    which transmits/receives large amounts of text slowly.
    11. Allows me to be nameless and still access the chat rooms with a
    blank screen name.
    12. Does not give away my email address
    13. Does not allow access to audio/video - e.g. no webcam capability
    14. Does not require an email address for confirmation
    15. Does not use or require HTML, DHMTL, or anything similar
    16. Does not require any login
    17. Does not require registration
    18. Uses the least amount of bandwidth, memory, and CPU power.

    Sadly, there is no protocol that fits all 18 requirments.

    What chat protocol exists that most closely fits what I'm looking for?

    Thanks a lot,

    GreenXenon, Nov 24, 2010
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  2. GreenXenon

    Keith Guest

    The closest you can come is IRC with CTCP and messaging turned off
    using the ignore command. You can make up a random user name and noe
    email address is required. In Windows mIRC is the most popular.
    Keith, Nov 24, 2010
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  3. GreenXenon

    richard Guest

    The opera browser has a built in IRC client.
    maybe limited on servers though but you can check it out.
    Practically any chat client will require installation on your machine.
    richard, Nov 24, 2010
  4. 10. Transmits/receives small amounts of text rapidly - unlike Usenet

    Zu Arsschlaark!, Nov 25, 2010

  5. IRC -- except for most of the above numbered
    items -- for reasons that are just way beyond
    the normal psychiatric practice's limitations.



    I AM Bucky Breeder, (*(^; and you're not.



    Repent! The end is near.... So, smoke 'em if you got 'em.
    Bucky Breeder, Nov 30, 2010
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