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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by wiggling, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. wiggling

    wiggling Guest

    I am about to try VOIP for the first time, and I've been reading about
    the various adaptors etc. I have a single motorola cordless 5.8 GHz
    phone, and I'll probably be adding a fax machine. The net connection is
    a cable modem currently attached to a D-link DI-624 wireless router.

    I don't want locked down hardware so I'm thinking about a Sipura. Which
    would you recommend? A SPA-2000, 3000, 1001 or something different? Any
    suggestions about where to get it? Also, does Vonage complain if you
    bring your own (unlocked) hardware? Thanks for any advice.

    wiggling, Dec 20, 2004
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  2. wiggling

    pleonard Guest

    I use both the Sipura 1000 and the Vonage Linksys PAP2 (Sipura 2000)

    Sipura SPA-1000 1 Port Analog Adapter (FXS)
    Sipura SPA-1001 Single FXS RJ11 Analog Adapter SIP VoIP Gateway
    Sipura SPA-2000 Dual FXS Analog Adapter SIP VoIP Gateway
    Sipura SPA-2100 Dual RJ11 FXS, Dual RJ45 SIP VoIP Gateway w. T.38
    Sipura SPA-3000 Single FXS, Single FXO VoIP Gateway SIP Analog Adapter


    Post subject: RE: VoIP Solution to lower my bills? Posted: Dec 20, 2004 -
    06:57 AM mberlant

    1) The -3000 and -1001 are different prices because they have different
    features and functions. The -3000 has both an FXS channel (for connecting a
    telephone set to a VoIP service provider, etc.) and an FXO channel (for
    connecting your POTS service to a VoIP service provider.

    The -1001 has two FXS channels under the hood, with only one telephone
    connection that chooses between the two services. You can more reasonably
    compare the -1001 to the -1000 (discontinued), which has one FXS channel, and
    the -2000, which has two independent FXS channels connecting to two separate
    telephone sets.


    Sipura SPA-1001s purchased from Voxilla include the following:

    One free month, with all activation fees waived, of any Broadvoice's unlimited
    plan, including "Unlimited World Plus"

    Up to 100 free calling minutes through iConnectHere;

    If you want to BYOD, and you want your own incoming phone number, your choices
    are limited. Broadvoice.com and voicepulse.com are two that allow this. There
    are quite a few outgoing only prepaid services out there. I'm using
    mutualphone.com and sipphone.com, the former works great, the latter has to
    much delay for my liking.

    As for Vonage, you must FIRST use their box for your primary line. For another
    $9.99, you can get their soft phone service and they provide the settings so
    you can use any hardware you want for the second line. This is not to be
    confused with a second line that will work with their own hardware as a
    separate fax line for $9.99 extra. (The Vonage branded Linksys PAP2 is really
    a Sipura 2000, supporting two lines.)


    Get Your Laptop Its Own Phone Number for Just $9.99/month and Get 500 Local
    and Long Distance Minutes Included


    Vonage SoftPhone/Sipura SPA-2000 configuration

    Vonage SoftPhone also works great with the Sipura SPA-2000. Configuration
    information must be entered through the advanced admin pages:

    Proxy and Registration
    Proxy: sphone.vopr.vonage.net
    Outbound Proxy:
    Register: Yes
    Use Outbound Proxy: Yes

    Subscriber Information
    Display Name: Your Name
    Password: Your Vonage SoftPhone password
    Auth ID: Your Vonage SoftPhone number
    User ID: Your Vonage SoftPhone number
    Use Auth ID: Yes

    Dial Plan
    Dial Plan: (*xx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.)
    pleonard, Dec 20, 2004
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  3. wiggling

    wiggling Guest

    Thank you. That is very useful. So at least for Vonage, it appears that
    I need to get one of their adaptors to start. That's a shame since
    there have been lots of complaints about their Linksys adaptors.
    wiggling, Dec 20, 2004
  4. wiggling

    pleonard Guest

    The linksys PAP2 is pretty much a Sipura 2000.


    Linksys Uses Sipura Technology in New Adaptors

    VOXILLA.COM News Report

    Networking equipment manufacturer Linksys, based in Irvine, CA and a wholly
    owned subsidiary of San Jose, CA-based technology giant Cisco Systems, is
    wading into Voice over IP waters for the first time with two new products: a
    stand-alone two-port telephone adaptor and a router/firewall/VoIP adaptor.

    Curiously, though Cisco manufactures the ATA-186, the first VoIP telephone
    adaptor on the market and still in wide use today, Linksys chose to base its
    VoIP adaptors on technology developed by Sipura Technology, one of Cisco’s
    fiercest rivals in the rapidly growing VoIP Customer Premise Equipment market.

    A member of the team behind the two new products – the standalone PAP2 and the
    RT31P2 router – confirms that Linksys “partnered with Sipura” to develop the

    The ATA-186 was originally developed by Komodo Technology, which was purchased
    by Cisco in 2000. Much of the same team behind Sipura were formerly with
    Komodo and left Cisco to form Sipura in May of last year.

    When asked about the Linksys-Sipura relationship, Sherman Scholten, Vice
    President of Marketing for Sipura Technology, refused to comment.

    The voice configuration menu for an early-release PAP2 includes exactly the
    same prompts delivered by the same voice as the menus for all three Sipura
    adaptors on the market. The only difference betwen the configuration menus for
    each company's adaptors is that any reference to Sipura has been removed from
    the Linksys device.

    Each of the products is on sale now at Staples. Ironically, though VoIP
    service provider Vonage dumped the Cisco ATA-186 for a Motorola VT-1005 VoIP
    adaptor/router, Staples offer comes bundled with Vonage service.

    The PAP2 ($69.98) is functionally identical to the Sipura SPA-2000, though it
    is housed in a new, larger, form factor. The RT31P2 ($99.98) uses SPA-2000
    technology for its two VoIP ports, and looks very similar to other standard
    Linksys routers.
    pleonard, Dec 20, 2004
  5. wiggling

    Carlos Guest

    I like and use Grandstream Handy-Tone 286 small 120/220v and is unlocked. Now I
    added the 486. I can travel and move them.

    Carlos, Dec 21, 2004
  6. wiggling

    pl Guest

    Some more info for you:


    The Sipura (2000 or 3000) should work with these BYOD providers per Voxilla,
    Free World Dialup
    VoicePulse (Connect or Open Access)
    VoIPTalk (TelAppliant)
    Vonage Softphone Account
    pl, Dec 21, 2004
  7. wiggling

    wiggling Guest

    Thank you all for your detailed replies.

    wiggling, Dec 22, 2004
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