Where to get parts for a Nikon D5000 SLR, with DX VR: AF-S Nikkor

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Arklin K.

    tony cooper Guest

    What you've really demonstrated in this thread is that you are an
    exceedingly slow learner. If you've lost as many lenses to damage
    resulting from the plastic flange snapping off as you say, a more
    astute camera owner would have switched to metal-flanged lenses some
    time ago.

    I own four lenses for my Nikon D60 (comparable to your Nikon, but an
    earlier version). The two kit lenses have plastic flanges (one has
    snapped off) and my third Nikon lens (a prime lens) and my Tamron
    18/270mm have metal flanges. They are available.

    I have trouble understanding why you think the "camera" is a
    "throwaway" when the problems are with the lenses you are buying. The
    camera body will work with lenses with metal flanges.
    tony cooper, Jul 10, 2012
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  2. Arklin K.

    tony cooper Guest

    nospam has conducted extensive market surveys on airplane trips.
    Whatever he observes in his walk of the Coach aisle is extrapolated to
    national figures that are, to him, indisputable.

    As far as can be told in this newsgroup, nospam has no actual
    experience with cameras. Most here have linked to one or more of
    their images, but nospam seems to have none to show.
    tony cooper, Jul 10, 2012
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  3. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    This is undeniably true. I hadn't realized the extent of my losses until
    I dug into my broken-camera box, which has grown in size over the years.
    Again, I agree. It's the plastic bayonet mostly that is the problem with
    the Nikon D-series SLR cameras I've been buying from Costco (although the
    poorly designed battery charger was the real problem with the Nikon
    Coolpix 5000).

    As I noted earlier, I have a Nikon D60 and a Nikon D50 in my camera box
    so I fully agree, the plastic Nikon (Nikkor?) lenses that came with the
    Costco kit are fragile. Here's a picture of both the broken D50 and D60
    made with my D5000 earlier this week:
    I now realize that these fragile plastic lenses are, for me, the problem.
    THAT's what I need! All I need, I think, is lenses that work with my
    Nikon D50, D60, and D5000 that have metal bayonets!
    Arklin K., Jul 10, 2012
  4. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    My Myers-Briggs personality is big on "P", as in ESTP. That means, in
    part, that I prefer others to live and breath the way they naturally
    desire. I don't wish to control them. In contrast, many people are
    strongly "J" (as in INFJ), which means, in part, they prefer to control
    other people's actions around them.

    Kids are kids. They play. They run. They jump. They fall. They get hurt.
    They cry. They get boo boos. It's part of being a kid. The whole point of
    me being in the boy scout program is so that I can help the kids be kids.

    One rule of childhood is that the whole point of the long childhood of
    humans is to give the kids chances to make mistakes without getting
    killed or maimed. Essentially, that is the whole point of 'play'.

    Animals play also - but they don't play with cameras. Kids could, should,
    and do 'play' with my cameras. All my kids have their own SLRs, for
    example, and I give SLRs as gifts to my sister's kids.

    Kids need to play with cameras so that they learn.

    I 'try' to keep the cameras from being broken (hence the rule that a
    strap must always be worn when snapping pictures in a canoe, for example).

    But, fundamentally, I let the kids use my SLR so that they will learn how
    to take better pictures.
    Arklin K., Jul 10, 2012
  5. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    While dpreview has discussed the Nikon engineering flaw in detail:

    The door itself isn't generally the problem. The problem is the spring
    loaded pressure forces itself against a teeny tiny tab on the camera body
    - which is destined to break.

    This is a beautiful paper-clip fix to Nikon's engineering flaw:

    Here's another user's fix for Nikon's poor engineering:

    Googling for "coolpix battery door fix", I find, for example:

    QUOTE: All the Nikon Coolpix camera bodies break at the battery latch
    door. Nikon REFUSES to honor their own promise of "excellence" (ha!) so
    you'll have to fix the camera body yourself.
    URL: http://www.epinions.com/review/pr-Digital_Cameras-Nikon_Coolpix_3100/

    And this:
    QUOTE: "This tiny piece of plastic molded with the body of the camera was
    bound to break the way it's built."
    URL: http://my.opera.com/mcduret/blog/2006/12/07/fixing-nikon-

    And this:
    QUOTE:Does anyone know why Nikon doesn't make good on the infamous Coolpix
    battery door engineering flaw?
    URL: http://www.nikonians.org/forums/dcboard.php?

    Here's another:
    QUOTE: "What happens is that the battery door breaks, and it doesn't stay

    And another:
    QUOTE: "What broke is this little tiny piece of plastic"

    And another:
    Quote: Here is a summary review of ways people fixed their Nikon Coolpix
    battery door latches when they invariably broke."
    URL: http://www.electronicspoint.com/summary-ways-people-fixed-their-

    And another:
    URL: http://www.instructables.com/id/Nikon-Coolpix-L15-battery-door-fix/

    And so on.

    Once you look at the tiny plastic catch engineered by Nikon, you'll see
    that the latch is going to break no matter what you do with that camera,
    baby it or not.

    It's our fault for buying these cameras. Not Nikons for making cheap
    plastic garbage. If they can sell the Coolpix to us, then it's not their
    fault. It's ours.
    Arklin K., Jul 10, 2012
  6. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    Indeed. There are a few. :)

    Including a new ACL and shoulder-repair surgery, and a broken wrist &
    clavicle, and even a suspected broken rib (I never had it x-rayed but it
    hurt for months!).

    But that (medical) topic is for a different newsgroup, don't you think?
    Arklin K., Jul 10, 2012
  7. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    Hi Tony,
    I'm sorry for 'challenging' nospam on his constant assessment of 'bs'
    when I used the coolpix battery door problem as an example of bad use of

    To be fair to me, I 'did' let it go more than once when he said it. I
    just ignored it and answered the serious questions. But he kept saying
    it, as if he was saying what I was saying wasn't based in fact.

    So, I told him to just google it and let us know the answer.

    The point is I really don't wish to argue with anyone for no good reason.

    To be sure, I will answer all your questions faithfully - and I'll
    provide backup details ... but I don't wish to personally challenge
    anyone. That's bad form.

    So I apologize for challenging 'nospam' on the coolpix design problem. It
    may be that he has the re-designed coolpix battery latches and therefore
    has thankfully avoided the problem without even knowing it existed for
    many others.

    Mea culpa.
    Arklin K., Jul 10, 2012
  8. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    actually i think i only said it twice and yes it is bullshit, so now
    it's three times.
    that's how you determine the reliability of something? you've *got* to
    be kidding.

    but nevertheless, try googling for canon battery door or sony battery
    door. there are *more* results than for nikon, therefore nikon is the
    most reliable among them, assuming that test is even representative of
    something, which it isn't.
    try googling 'arklin is a troll' right now - and let us know what you
    found out.

    i get nearly 100x as many hits as 'nikon coolpix battery door',
    therefore you are a troll.

    back to reality. i think i posted a link of nikon having the highest
    customer satisfaction, which can't happen if battery doors keep
    breaking and lenses keep cracking, like you say they do (they don't).

    the fact is you treat your cameras like absolute shit and then blame
    the problem on everything other than yourself.

    there's nothing wrong with nikon, no more than any other brand, and
    they're not made entirely of plastic either, yet another bullshit

    even the cheapest nikon slr has a rigid metal frame and most
    importantly, a metal lens mount. the outside casing might be plastic,
    but that does not matter. if you drop the camera, the casing may crack
    but the inner chassis will hold up.

    as i said before, my nikon coolpix fell to the ground a few times and
    it still works just fine. it has a couple of dents and even a crack in
    one of the corners, but the camera still functions properly and the
    battery door properly closes.

    getting a 'war camera' wont' help you. you'll still find a way to break
    it. even the most rugged camera is not impervious to abuse.
    Guest, Jul 10, 2012
  9. Arklin K.

    tony cooper Guest

    The D40, D60, and the D5000 all take AF-S lenses with the motor in the
    lens. Other Nikon lenses that will fit camera body will not
    autofocus. You can manually focus, though.
    tony cooper, Jul 11, 2012
  10. Arklin K.

    tony cooper Guest

    Wait a minute here...my two grandsons (now 8 and 9) have been using my
    Nikon for a couple of years. They're accustomed to using the
    viewfinder (no live view on my camera) and have taken some pretty good
    shots. If they want the camera, they put the neck strap on when the
    first get it. If they run or roughhouse, they lose the privilege.
    Kid certainly can be taught to take care of things.
    tony cooper, Jul 11, 2012
  11. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    tony seizes any opportunity to bash me, even when he talks out his ass,
    which is very common.
    what you're saying isn't based in fact.
    googling for horror stories means nothing. there will always be people
    who have defective cameras or whatever else. nothing is perfect.

    nikon sells tens of millions of cameras every *year*. even with a 1%
    defect ratio, there will be hundreds of thousands of horror stories
    which will come up in a google search. what won't show up are the
    millions of satisfied customers.

    your absurd 'test' for googling nikon coolpix battery door comes up
    with 140k hits, which out of 20 million cameras (in 2011) is less than
    1% failure rate.

    in other words, 99% of nikon cameras sold don't have battery door
    problems. that's pretty damned reliable, and that's just including one
    year of sales. you really need to include several years for an accurate

    the *fact* is that surveys have shown that nikon has a very high
    consumer satisfaction which is not possible if they made junk that
    falls apart all the time.
    then stop trolling.
    your details are meaningless.
    i realize nothing will convince you that the problem is you and not
    nikon, but my coolpix was one of the very first to come off the
    production line and therefore it would not have any redesign, if such a
    redesign even existed. its battery door works as well as the day i
    bought it.
    Guest, Jul 11, 2012
  12. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    that's just one person. big deal.

    i *have* a coolpix 990, just like the person in that thread, and its
    battery door works fine and that's after the camera has fallen a few
    times and even has a crack in the casing. the camera still works fine.

    it's also a 10 year old post about a 12 year old camera, so it's not
    actually relevant to anything nikon currently makes.
    definitely not all.
    bullshit. it doesn't break in normal use.
    Guest, Jul 11, 2012
  13. Arklin K.

    tony cooper Guest

    You mean "about an ass".
    That's 140,000 hits, which may or may not be 140,000 individual
    incidents. Googlehits tend to repeat.

    And, that's 140,000 - or less - *reports* of battery door breakage
    that can be picked up by a Google search. That doesn't mean much.
    A small percentage of Coolpix owners are going to be bothered enough
    to report the breakage. Coolpix cameras start at under $100, and many
    people don't bother reporting things like this on minor purchases.

    I dunno, and don't care, where you got the 20 million unit figure
    (from an airplane survey?), but is that the number of Coolpixs sold or
    the number of Nikons sold? The comment was about a Coolpix.

    Plastic-hinged doors on products like cameras and phones are fragile
    if a rudimentary amount of care isn't used.
    False conclusion from what you've presented.
    The only factual point in your post.
    You have a 1998 900-series Coolpix?
    tony cooper, Jul 11, 2012
  14. Arklin K.

    PeterN Guest

    Yup! When my kids were young I let them use my Nikkormat, which still
    works well. At first they wasted a lot of film. Then I started charging
    them 25 cents a roll, with developing included. The quality of their
    images immediately improved.
    PeterN, Jul 11, 2012
  15. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    i meant what i said and this post demonstrates it even further.
    true, so the amount of failure is even less.
    that's exactly the point. a google search means nothing.
    so what? googling for horror stories is meaningless.
    i'm glad you asked! unlike you, i can back up numbers with links.


    Nikon sold 4.74m DSLRs and mirrorless (compared to 4.29m last year;
    and remember, most of their DSLRs are made in Thailand), 7.13m lenses
    (compared to 6.36m last year), and a whopping 17.37m Coolpix
    (compared to 14.26m last year).

    17.37+4.74= 22.11 million cameras, up from 18.55 million last year and
    they expect to sell 25 million cameras this year.

    growth like that would not happen if their cameras are as fragile is
    it's both, but if you want to ignore slrs, it's 17 million this year
    and 18 million expected year. 140k hits of battery door problems is
    statistically nothing.
    anything is fragile if you don't use care and plastic doors aren't as
    fragile as you make them out to be. i have numerous products with
    plastic battery doors and none are broken, including my coolpix that
    has impacted the ground a few times.
    the entire post was factual.
    did i say a coolpix 900? no, i didn't. try reading before spewing.

    in another post i said which coolpix it was, and the coolpix 900 wasn't
    the first coolpix anyway, so no matter how you slice it, you're wrong,
    as usual.
    Guest, Jul 11, 2012
  16. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    I'm curious.

    This is great information.

    But how do you know that?

    That is, what specific 'feature' do I look for in a lens to know if it
    will work with my existing D40/D60/D5000 Nikons and how it will work in a
    'future' unspecified as yet Nikon 'war camera'?

    Is it the "AF-S" feature alone?
    Arklin K., Jul 11, 2012
  17. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    Exactly my rules now also!
    Arklin K., Jul 11, 2012
  18. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    Not mine.
    Arklin K., Jul 11, 2012
  19. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    In my defense, the Coolpix design that I bought from Costco had a teeeny
    tiny tab on the camera body that was the 'latch' to the battery door.

    It doesn't take a lot of analysis to see that this tiny latch is easily
    broken (I already provided the pictures showing the latch, and the

    Nikon's solution is to replace the body. Yuck.

    Most people threw it away.

    Anyone who looks at the pictures would say it's a weak point. So, while I
    freely admit to what you guys term 'abuse' of my SLRs, the Nikon Coolpix
    cameras I've owned didn't even need any measure of 'abuse' to break that
    teeny tiny tab of plastic.

    The good news is that I also showed pictures where Nikon redesigned the
    latch mechanism, beefing it up tremendously. It is still plastic; but the
    latch now appears to be 20x the size of the original tiny piece of

    That's progress.
    Arklin K., Jul 11, 2012
  20. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    that's because you trashed it, not because of any design defect.
    Guest, Jul 11, 2012
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