Where to get parts for a Nikon D5000 SLR, with DX VR: AF-S Nikkor

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    As a summary:
    0. Calling 800-645-6687 and spending more than an hour with them, I find:
    1. Nikon will sell parts to consumers
    2. Nikon will not provide a parts diagram.
    3. You have to describe the part, and they will sell it to you.
    4. For me, that part number is a "bayonet mount" PN 1C999-601-2 $9.45
    5. The filter is apparently a 52mm glass filter
    6. People tell me I can get the filter for about $15 mail order
    7. Most say the lens will be difficult to fix
    8. Mostly because of the circuit board ribbon
    9. So I will write up a pictorial DIY to help the next person!

    EMOTIONAL ISSUES: (take them with a grain of salt please)

    In hindsight, the Nikons I bought from Costco (Coolpix 5000, Nikon D50,
    Nikon D60, and Nikon D5000) are all junk cameras; but it's not their
    fault. Here is a snapshot of just the broken ones in the top of my camera
    box just now:

    The Costco Nikons just can't take daily use. I guess they're for
    vacations only in good weather and only under sterile conditions (not
    normal day-to-day life). For me, I need a camera that can go where I go.
    Nothing more complicated than that - but it has to take jostling and
    dropping and nudging and bouncing around like any camera should.

    Nonetheless, I blame nobody but myself for buying the Costco Nikon junk.
    It's all my fault. Plastic is plastic. Plastic is junk. Plastic breaks.
    All the time. They don't last a year. However, since I already own them,
    I'm trying to fix this one camera (and maybe I'll fix the other four or
    five in my camera box if this works).

    ------- HELP -------
    The one open question is how to get a hold of the exploded parts diagram
    for Nikon equipment (because Nikon won't supply them!).

    Q: Do you know where to get exploded diagrams of Nikon equipment?
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
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  2. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    I agree. It's amazing.

    The tilt display has never broken on any of my plastic Nikons!

    Of course, I never even use the display. I keep it against the camera as
    I look through the lens (old style) to snap my pictures.

    What breaks are the lenses, the lens mounts, and the buttons stop working
    (mostly). All of this is from normal use. By normal, I mean the camera
    goes where I go. Nothing more or less abusive than that.

    In the earlier Nikon Coolpix 5000, the battery charger fried three
    expensive batteries before I threw the (otherwise working) camera in the
    camera box in the attic.

    In my series of Nikon coolpix point-and-shoot cameras (not SLRs), the
    battery doors were designed to break. I sent a few for repair but finally
    used a paperclip, and then gave up on all point and shoots.

    BTW, I wonder what a 'war photographer' would use. These cameras
    admittedly wouldn't last the first half hour in 'real' conditions. Sheesh.
    What I need is a 'war camera'.

    I wonder ...
    Q: What's the cheapest 'war camera' Nikon makes that can use the lenses I
    already have?
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
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  3. Arklin K.

    tony cooper Guest

    I don't agree with that without seeing the lens. If the lens fell in
    such a way that the edge or side of the lens took the impact, the
    torsion would break the lens. A filter would have been no help.

    If the lens fell directly onto a small rock that hit the lens
    directly, then maybe the filter would help or maybe both would break.

    A lens that is dropped on flat concrete will break even without the
    face of the lens touching anything hard. The edge striking the
    concrete makes the round lens an oval, and the lens breaks.
    I hope you follow up after you receive the part. Frankly, I can't
    believe the entire part that you will need can be purchased from Nikon
    for $10.00. You need that plastic ring with the flange. But, we'll

    Let me know how it works. I have my damaged lens sitting on my desk.
    tony cooper, Jul 6, 2012
  4. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    This makes sense!
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  5. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    It's a well known problem.

    I just googled for a second, and this was my first hit.

    Apparently Nikon didn't engineer a proper shut-off feature into the Nikon
    Coolpix CP5000 battery charger so it overcharged and then prematurely
    ruined the batteries.

    You can call it nonsense as you're entitled to your experience. But my
    experience was echoed by others also.
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  6. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    While that's probably true, it's undeniable that this teeny tiny piece of
    plastic that holds the bayonet mount of my Nikon lens onto my Nikon
    camera broke from being dropped a very short distance onto a hard
    concrete floor.

    Also, looking at the pictures I posted, I can't imagine anyone denying
    that this is a weak link in the lens mount.

    If that weak link were engineered out of better materials, what would
    have happened?

    I don't know:
    a) What I hope would have happened is ... nothing.
    b) But, maybe dropping the camera would have broken something else.

    But if (b) is the answer, how the heck do 'war photographers' get their
    job done? What I do in daily life can't even be 1 millionth of what they
    do with their equipment.

    Q: Given I use the camera every day for personal use (I'm an old guy who
    isn't jumping out of airplanes anymore so it's pretty tame stuff), what
    would you recommend is a sturdy SLR that won't break like this Nikon did?
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  7. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    I realize some people only use a camera on vacation, and for that, the
    plastic Nikons probably don't break as much as mine do.

    I'm not hiding the fact that I jostle, bump, and drop my plastic Nikon
    cameras. They get wet when I take them in the rain. They get sandy when I
    take them to the beach. They get cold and wet with condensation when I
    take them to Tahoe in the winter. And they get bumped around when I take
    them backpacking.

    I don't deny I take my camera everywhere I go.

    But you also can't deny the little tiny piece of plastic that broke off
    my bayonet mount was destined to break. It took a small drop onto hard
    concrete - but that's all it took to break it.

    Looking at the design, it's no wonder it broke.

    I know nothing of bayonet mounts. Nothing except what I've learned from
    you guys today.

    May I ask:
    Q: What bayonet mount is made better than this plastic one?
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  8. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  9. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    I agree. The lens cap that came with the camera is a pain to take off and
    on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off
    and on ... all day ... every day.

    Most of the time, I leave it off.

    I do need a filter. I'm convinced of that, if for nothing else, than to
    protect the lens from what happened to my last zoom lens (when the boy
    scouts dropped it on the rocks and cracked it).


    Sigh. If it 'can' happen, it already has happened to me:
    a) Battery doors fall off (coolpix p&s)
    b) Battery charger destroys battery (coolpix cp5000)
    c) Lenses break (see photo above & the whole point of this thread)
    d) Cameras stop working (see photo below)

    What I need is a low cost (~$1,000) 'war camera'.

    Do they make one?
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  10. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    I agree. A Nikon D5000 or Nikon D50 or Nikon D60 or Nikon CP5000 (all of
    which I bought from Costco) would break the same as that camera from
    anywhere else.

    My mistake for not being clear.

    The cameras that Costco sells (for about $1,000 or so) are all plastic.
    And the plastic is (apparently) the problem for someone like me who
    simply takes a camera with him wherever he goes.

    To be clear, I did try the waterproof cameras (yes, from Costco), and
    quite a few of the little Olympus cameras, but the quality from those P&S
    cameras was basically atrocious.

    The Powershots lasted a while but even they had a bad fixed lens, so,
    that's whey I moved to SLRs.

    What I 'really' need is to fix what I have and then, when they're no
    longer fixable, to buy the least expensive 'war camera' SLR out there.

    Any suggestions on the least expensive STURDY! SLR?
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  11. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    Hi Tony,

    I don't really know if a filter would have helped.

    Here is a picture of the crack.

    It's hard to see but it's a u-shaped crack in the relatively flat glass
    on front of the lens. The marking on the lens say:
    Nikon AF Nikkor 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 G

    Looking closely, there are also little tiny dots of what appears to be
    the broken bits of glass scattered about. I can take a better picture if
    you need more information.

    I didn't 'see' the camera get dropped. The kids were taking pictures,
    and, when I got the camera back, it had the spar. I didn't know who did
    it and they didn't say. It was, of course, my fault for letting 10 year
    olds use my camera ... but that's a foregone conclusion.

    They were playing on boulders and snapping pictures so I can only assume
    they dropped it (or swung it into the rocks).

    That might be too much detail - but - I wonder - would a filter have
    prevented this crack?
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  12. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    BTW, googling for that part number (and adding suggestions posted just
    now), I find a few interesting things:

    Fixing Broken Plastic Nikon F-Mounts







    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  13. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    This is very true!
    My 'next' SLR is going to be weather sealed, whatever that means in
    practice! :)
    I'll need to look up what "FF" means, but, I'm starting to realize I
    probably should have bought ONE expensive (say D700) kit instead of four
    cheap ($1,000) Costco plastic Nikon SLR kits (CP5000, D50, D60, and

    It looks like a quick google of the D700 puts it at around $2,000, so,
    given I can re-use my existing lenses, the math works out that the D700
    without lenses is only about twice the D5000 was with lenses.
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  14. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    any of them. learn to take care of your equipment.
    Guest, Jul 6, 2012
  15. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    duh. guess what happens when you drop *any* lens onto a concrete floor.
    it's a cheap lens. what the hell do you expect?
    the price would have been higher and it would have been heavier too.
    hope all you want but if you drop a lens onto a concrete floor, the
    lens is not going to be in the same condition it was prior to impact.
    they spend more money on equipment and they don't trash stuff.
    i'd recommend you learn to not drop stuff. maybe buy some straps to tie
    the stuff to your body.
    Guest, Jul 6, 2012
  16. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    that's nothing more than a post from this newsgroup, *seven* years ago.
    no it isn't.

    look at how well nikon does in consumer satisfaction surveys. if they
    made junk, they'd rank low, and they don't.


    the fact is you abuse your equipment.
    Guest, Jul 6, 2012
  17. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Jul 6, 2012
  18. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    your local repair shop has them and you might be able to find them
    Guest, Jul 6, 2012
  19. Arklin K.

    Arklin K. Guest

    Well, I 'do' have a BMW E39 which breaks left and right! :)

    Most of my equipment is KISS. For example, my diving mask has no fancy
    valves to break; my snorkel is a simple "J"; my fins are your basic
    rubber without 'rocket' advertisement; my tanks and regulator are basic
    rental stuff; etc.

    But, I need a camera to go with me where I do.
    a) I don't like point and shoot picture quality & lens limitations
    b) I need a tougher SLR than the plastic Nikons

    The prior suggestions of the 'war cameras' were good!
    Arklin K., Jul 6, 2012
  20. Arklin K.

    Guest Guest

    it's not a pain. it snaps on and off very easily.
    no wonder you have trashed lenses.
    you need a lot more than a filter can offer.
    no, what you need is to learn how not to trash your equipment.
    Guest, Jul 6, 2012
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