where oh where did the hard drive go

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ifonly, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. ifonly

    ifonly Guest

    I have two hard drives in my system, custom built, both drives are maxtor
    brand. One is approx. 80gb, and the other around 40gb. The model numbers
    are 6Y08L0 which is the large one, and the other is 54610H6.
    I have an Asus A7V8X motherboard. I have had the motherboard since January
    a year past, and the vid card, and the memory, the other items are a bit
    older then that. I run XP Pro.

    My problem started sometime in the last few months. My computer forgets it
    has one or both of the hard drives at its leisure I might add. An example:
    I turned it on about 10am today, and I get the message press a key to reboot
    so I press, and go into setup, and wa-la, the bios doesnt know I have the
    80gb drive, but it does see the 40. And, sometimes it doesnt see either. I
    have very recently replaced the IDE cables with brand new ones, and got good
    ones. When this happened this morning, I powered down, unplugged the power
    cord, and reconnected the IDE cable to the large drive but from the other
    connector, or should I say the one closest to the board. Wa-la I have my
    drive again. This evening I was doing things on my pc, and it froze, so I
    had to reset, and poof my large drive has gone by by again, I did the same
    procedure except this time I had to switch connectors twice.
    Also, when I first put in these new IDE cables it didnt find either drive, I
    have to try resetting config data in bios to default setup, and or reset the
    ESCD configuration, etc etc.

    I have ran maxtor's drive checking utility whose name eludes me at the
    moment, and it never finds fault with the drives, and maxtor being maxtor
    refuses to send replacement drive without an error code which is now 6
    digits, I believe. Of cours if the Bios doesnt recognize the drives, one or
    the other, then neither does the maxtor utility.

    I have taken to repair shop, and the _____ing people only changed the drive
    jumper settings to cable select, after I had told them I had tried all that,
    and I took it back home and in less then 1 weeks time, the problems
    reoccurred, and keep happening.

    I need some good suggestions, and would appreciate the help.
    ifonly, Sep 20, 2004
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  2. ifonly

    Ron Guest


    You have followed the correct procedure for diagnosing this problem. I
    would suggest that the HDD in question is the problem. It may be a small
    crack in the circuit board or the way the board is mounted. Try loosing
    the screw on the circuit board and tightening them again. The problem
    should either get worse or go away. Either way you will have isolated the
    problem. I have had this fix the problem you describe. Although I would
    only use this drive as a backup from then on as it may be too

    Ron, Sep 20, 2004
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