Where did windows 7 forum go ????

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by TMA, May 5, 2010.

  1. I will just refer you to what will be my last response in this thread - the
    next one to your longer response.
    Shenan Stanley, Jul 10, 2010
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  2. Troll. Look it up.

    If anyone would be defined as a troll for the newsgroups, this conversation
    in particular, it would be you.

    You came up a month after the conversation had ended and stirred the empty
    pot. I called you on it and you continue to pop your head out to defend
    your stance even though I have not attacked this newsgroup or what you seem
    to believe you are now defending. I merely commented that you responded to
    a clearly dead thread with no useful comments and only attacks and generally
    obscene (to some) comments. You continued it from there - it didn't take
    much prodding - you wanted to argue thus why you stirred the pot in the
    first place.

    Sometiumes it is fun to participate in conversations like this - but the
    novelty of your ignorance has worn off. I bid you a good life.
    Shenan Stanley, Jul 10, 2010
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  3. TMA

    Graystar Guest

    REMEMBER it is YOU who is the TROLL here

    It is a dull surpise that you have turned about-face from your voiced
    opinion of Jun 3rd 2010

    On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 21:20:14 -0500, "Shenan Stanley" wrote:

    "We're free-thinkers who don't particularly like web boards or censorship,
    otherwise called "moderation".

    It is quite apparent that "free thinking" doesn't not include a very large
    bandwidth for You.

    You apparently have infinite time and energy to waste playing network Nazi
    since I directed no replies initially to you,
    Mr. Buttinski. I didn't address any of my posts to YOU and you vacuous
    replies are a complete waste of time.
    Since you want to aggrandize yourself, you can do so without my help. You
    are Killfiled.

    But go right ahead picking expressly pointless fights with people you don't
    even know.
    Maybe they <Microsoft> will write a song about you while mopping you off the
    as they did in the song "LeRoy Brown", after you have met a similar fate.

    Graystar, Jul 10, 2010
  4. TMA

    Graystar Guest

    You look it up and remind yourself. People who reply to older posts are not
    trolls, bud.
    People who post to deliberately pick a fight are.
    YOU did that. Not me. That is why others posted to you asking why you did
    The thread is clear. The provocatuer is clear.
    It is YOU since I did not direct any comment to you that would require your
    There was NO pot to Stir!
    Apparantly You thought this an opportunity to 'bring out your inner Troll'
    since the "troll post" as you define it was already there.
    Too bad you haven't "popped your head out" of your dark place to realize how
    NGs work.
    Go back to your "Foooorums" where you belong... if you like them so damn
    much and can't deal with others who reply to posts you don't happen to
    Poppycock. Threads do not die unless they are over six months old and even
    then can start up again depending on circumstances and current events... OR
    unless there is a sensible NG Moderator who correctly IDs a TROLL and blocks
    them from the NG.
    You became a TROLL when you attacked me.
    My posts are and were harmless until you got involved.
    Check it.
    The tone and purpose changed once you started throwing your superior monkey
    dreck at me.
    I don't have to take that and I won't.
    Ridiculous! and not thought through very well...!
    First, you admit you "prodded"... Troll!
    Second, you ASSUMED that I was arguing in my primary replies. WRONG!
    Third, YOU stirred the <alleged> "pot" when you attacked me.
    Deal with your OWN fault Troll. Face it...it was you who FUBARed my
    harmless posts.

    Unlike you, some of us work for a living and work hard all day,
    not screwing around giving ersatz "advice" to people with computer
    I don't need a putz like you trying aggressively enforce your opinions on my
    as whatever it is you think you are.
    Yeah, Free Speech it is... and you just threw verbal accelerators on what
    was not even a fire... and you lit the match.
    The above statement of yours illustrates your repeated baiting attack and
    that you have lost the argument.
    I can turn your statement right around on you and paraphrase:
    <spelling corrected>:

    'The novelty of your arrogance has worn off. May you reap what you sow..
    Graystar, Jul 11, 2010
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