Where did windows 7 forum go ????

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by TMA, May 5, 2010.

  1. TMA

    TMA Guest


    Why doesn't M$ just create another room HERE for Windows 7 like they always
    did to their new OS'es?

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm TIRED of signing up to hundreds and
    hundreds of badly designed web forums. Each one requiring my e-mail address
    (for later spam) and different password rules.
    TMA, May 5, 2010
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  2. -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Online Communities
    Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 12:26:53 -0700 (UTC)
    Newsgroups: microsoft.public.windows.64bit.general

    Date 5/4/2010
    Starting in early summer 2010, Microsoft will begin progressively
    closing down the Microsoft public newsgroups to enrich conversations in
    the rapidly-growing forum platform. This decision is in response to
    worldwide market trends and evolving customer needs.

    Microsoft continues to invest in forums to reduce customer effort,
    consolidate community venues and make it easier for active contributors
    to retain their influence. Forums provide a healthy community
    environment with less spam and make answers easier to find by customers
    and search engines. Additionally, forums offer a better user and
    off-topic management platform that will improve customer satisfaction by
    facilitating discussions in a clean space.

    We understand that some newsgroups are still active, and important to
    the community. In the coming days and weeks, we will be rolling out
    tools and resources to minimize disruption to the community discussions.

    We are working diligently on providing additional resources and
    information in local languages later this week. In the meantime, please
    refer to the official Microsoft Newsgroup website
    http://www.microsoft.com/communities/newsgroups/default.mspx concerning
    this issue. The Microsoft Newsgroup website will be made available in
    additional languages in the next few days.
    Bobby Johnson, May 5, 2010
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  3. TMA

    TMA Guest

    Yeah, and how about letting the users decide which one to use in opposition
    to dictate what worldwide market trends responds?
    Why simply discontinue this useful tool and migrate all the effords to the
    annoying web format?
    I don't know where you guys are looking .... "less spam" ????? Spam is all
    over the web and publishing technical IT questions on "search engines" like
    google and bing will attract even more spammers and viewers and consequently
    off-topic issues. Newsgroup clients don't have commercial banners, don't
    spread my email address all over the place, are pretty direct and mostly
    used by people with "some" level of knowledge of what he's doing. And that's
    why I like to use it instead of web forums and that's why M$ doesn't want me
    to do so. That's my own opinion, but it pretty much makes sense, doesn't it?
    M$ is a multinational company and its priorities are obviously focused on
    the money making. I don't really have a problem with that, but I want to
    protest against some of these decisions.

    That's all a pity is all I can say. I consider this one sided decision as an
    strategic mistake because all it does is to promote the growth of the
    competitors (read Apple and Linux communities). Web based forums must exist,
    of course, but there also should be options where your questions won't be
    just mixed with 300 million others, and in my opinion THIS should be the
    place. I am not familiar with Apple, but Linux is pretty easy with that as
    they maintein public irc rooms where sometimes you can even talk to the
    developers of the main modules/apps of their FREE releases. This couldn't be
    any more efficient.
    TMA, May 5, 2010
  4. TMA

    Jeff Gaines Guest

    MSFT doesn't like Usenet because it can't control it.

    alt.windows7.general is an active group with nearly 16,000 posts. I guess
    that will be the way to go for those of use who find Usenet far superior
    to web based forums.
    Jeff Gaines, May 5, 2010
  5. I just passed on the information Microsoft posted. I have absolutely no
    connection with Microsoft otherwise - I am not a Microsoft employee.
    You may as well be pissing in the wind as to vent here - it ain't gonna
    accomplish nuttin!
    Bobby Johnson, May 5, 2010
  6. TMA

    Jerry Guest

    Jerry, May 5, 2010
  7. TMA

    gumby Guest

    Where will all the trolls go now?
    gumby, May 5, 2010
  8. TMA

    Carlos Guest

    I was "born" here, almost exactly 5 years ago, using the web interface.
    Along time it's been my only NG/forum, and though I have occassionaly
    flirted elsewhere, I always came back here.
    This is where I am going to stay, this is "home".
    Let's hope we are all here the day after.
    Carlos, May 6, 2010
  9. TMA

    James Kosin Guest

    I haven't found anything useful at the forums !!!
    I've looked and looked and they only contain a few useless posts by
    people with problems however Microsoft also isn't putting any of their
    efforts to improving the forums themselves either.

    Just my 2-cents.
    James Kosin, May 6, 2010
  10. TMA

    Jeff Gaines Guest

    Well that's certainly unusual Carlos :)
    Jeff Gaines, May 6, 2010
  11. TMA

    Bogey Man Guest

    I'm with you. Yesterday, I tried navigating their site and it was the
    biggest pain in the ass imaginable. One has to wade through a pile of crap
    that you are not interested in just to get to the bits that are of interest.
    Usenet as bad as it is is a 1000 times better than what Microsoft is
    offering with their lousy interface and lack of control over what you see
    and how you see it.
    Bogey Man, May 6, 2010
  12. TMA

    Antares 531 Guest

    Thumbs up on your comments. I hate the damned forum setup.
    Antares 531, May 6, 2010
  13. Blame the left-wing liberals that aren't happy with anything as it is!
    Bobby Johnson, May 6, 2010
  14. TMA

    Antares 531 Guest

    I was very well satisfied with the Usenet setup, but I sure DO NOT
    like the forums.
    Antares 531, May 6, 2010
  15. TMA

    TMA Guest

    Blame the left-wing liberals that aren't happy with anything as it is!

    Programmers and computer users and IT geeks like me are never happy with
    things as they are. That's why we configure, adapt, change, burn our brains
    and spend our money on gadgets that we don't even need now or won't need
    anymore in 6 to 12 months.
    Does it make us all left-wing liberals?
    TMA, May 7, 2010
  16. TMA

    KCB Guest

    alt.windows7.general is full of whack jobs intent on flaming each other
    over which OS is better. Most of the time, there is much more noise than
    useful information. That being said, there is an occasional useful thread.
    KCB, May 8, 2010
  17. TMA

    KCB Guest

    I thought everything was still GW's fault?!
    KCB, May 8, 2010
  18. TMA

    XS11E Guest

    For those of use who use a newsreader with proper killfiling and
    scoring capabilities those people don't exist and the newsgroup is a
    useful one.
    XS11E, May 8, 2010
  19. TMA

    Tony Harding Guest

    MSFT *can* change things, you know, maybe even *improve* them. (not
    holding my breath, BTW)

    People just don't like change.
    Tony Harding, May 18, 2010
  20. TMA

    Tony Harding Guest

    ROTFLMAO - now *that's* funny!
    Tony Harding, May 18, 2010
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