Whenever I Reboot, I have to Restart my Network

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by gilly3, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. gilly3

    gilly3 Guest

    I must not have my network setup correctly, because it never ceases to
    cause headaches.

    I have a wireless network setup thusly:

    phoneline -> DSL Modem -> Netgear Wireless Router -> Wireless connection to
    all my computers.

    Until recently the only devices connected to my network were my desktop pc
    and laptop (which I rarely use). I had been having a problem where
    everytime I restarted my desktop pc (running windows xp pro) I would have
    to restart my network (turn off dsl modem, unplug router, turn on dsl
    modem, plug in router) to get an internet connection.

    Specifically, if I didn't restart the network, I would have network
    connectivity, and limited internet connectivity. I could access local
    network resources and use msn messenger, but I couldn't browse the web with
    a web browser. (I tried IE and Firefox). After restarting the network,
    everything would be fine until I rebooted again.

    Now I've added another desktop pc to my network and the problem is worse.
    Before, this was a mere inconvenience. I knew something was wrong, but it
    wasn't a big enough problem to try and fix it. Now it seems I still have
    to restart the network, but getting both computers on the internet at the
    same time is tricky. Sometimes I can get both on without problems,
    sometimes not.

    What could I have done wrong?


    gilly3, Mar 2, 2005
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  2. gilly3

    DLink Guru Guest

    Give us your IP, subnet and default gateway setting for all 3
    computers...Preferably after the problem shows up...
    DLink Guru, Mar 3, 2005
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  3. gilly3

    gilly3 Guest

    ipconfig on all 3 systems as of now:

    Desktop 1:
    IP address:
    subnet mask:
    default gateway:
    internet connection: good

    Desktop 2:
    IP address:
    subnet mask:
    default gateway:
    internet connection: none (but msn messenger works)

    IP address:
    subnet mask:
    default gateway:
    internet connection: good

    Until about 15 minutes ago, Desktop 2 had internet access. Then it
    inexplicably logged off the network and logged back on again - this time
    without internet access.

    Based on experience, if I restart the network, Desktop 2 will gain
    internet access again and all will be fine... for a while. Sometimes I
    have to reset the network several times before Desktop 2 gains internet


    gilly3, Mar 3, 2005
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