What's typical "free" usage on a landline?

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Kyler Laird, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. Kyler Laird

    Kyler Laird Guest

    Over the last decade or so my wife and I have moved the bulk
    of our calls to our mobile phones. We've only used about
    $0.40 of long distance (by mistake) on our home phone in the
    past few years. We *still* have a landline though and I
    still give out that number often.

    I recently moved all of our home phones to VoIP. Even calls
    to our landline get forwarded to a VoIP provider. This has
    been working well (but needs refinement).

    In researching for this move I discovered that incoming and
    local outgoing calls are *not* "free". I've grown accustomed
    to not paying usage fees for my landline and even providers
    like VoicePulse offer "unlimited" incoming usage. I've
    learned that they don't/can't really do this; instead, they
    assume some typical usage and base their price on that. Go
    much over, and you'll get crosswise with them.

    I'm curious how much people typically use their landlines for
    calls which don't incur an additional expense. I'd never
    thought about it or measured it so I don't have a good feel
    for it. In a month, if I parse my Asterisk log, I will start
    to get an idea of how much calling we do at home, but I don't
    think we're a typical household.

    How much time does a "typical" household spend on "free"
    calls? Anyone else logging this?

    Thank you.

    Kyler Laird, Nov 6, 2004
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