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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by SirReadAlot, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. SirReadAlot

    SirReadAlot Guest

    Hi guys,
    I become mcsd.net certified in July 04. Before that I
    have spent 3 years at a London University studying
    Business Information Systems.

    I have been applying for work since July but all the
    Agencys and Job Adverts seem to ask for is if I know any
    ASP, COM, VB6, as well as the .net versions. Is this some
    joke that after becoming .net certified, I now have to
    learn Old programming codes??.

    Went for an interview today and the boss kept talking
    about com, vb6, are these trick questions?. I thought all
    these companies need to be moving on with new tech.

    Anyway I will like to thank everyone for all there help
    while I was studying for the .net exams and to all new
    comers, just work hard and remain focused.


    SirReadAlot, Aug 31, 2004
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  2. SirReadAlot

    Hermit Dave Guest

    look you in the market the number of new projects is limited. for that most
    people are going .net.
    there is some code from DNA era which was VB6 and C++/ATL COM and even ASP.
    so what they are trying is to find
    a person who can manage the old code.
    if possible and need to migrate it to .net equivalent.
    and ofcourse be able to do a brand new project in .net



    Hermit Dave
    Hermit Dave, Aug 31, 2004
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  3. SirReadAlot

    Hermit Dave Guest

    pardon my half sentences at places :) knackered right now... and got a
    seminar to attend in the morning.
    but there are jobs.. so dont worry... keep looking.. www.jobserve.co.uk



    Hermit Dave
    Hermit Dave, Aug 31, 2004
  4. SirReadAlot

    Guest Guest

    ..NET is passé.

    (just kidding)

    The fact is that it takes companies longer to re-tool their development
    departments than it does for individual developers to re-tool their skills.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that a developers who know both VS 6.0 and
    VS.NET can contribute the most when it comes time to upgrade the existing

    Guest, Aug 31, 2004
  5. SirReadAlot

    Schfooge Guest

    Many many many companies don't like moving to new technologies for various

    1) What they have works. It does what they need it to, so why worry about
    getting something newer?

    2) They would have to learn how to use the new technology. Why switch to
    something new if it means sending your employees to classed to learn how to
    use it?

    3) New stuff costs money. The old stuff is already paid for.

    Ususally, these companies only move to something newer when they have to
    because of lack of support, or because the software won't run on newer
    machines. A company I did some work for recently was still using ACCPAC
    for DOS on Windows 95 boxes. They were having trouble because they bought a
    couple new computers that came with Windows XP, and they couldn't get ACCPAC
    for DOS working correctly on them.

    It was no use telling them that it was probably time to think of moving to a
    newer Windows-based ACCPAC. It was what the accounting dept. had been using
    for years, and they knew it inside out.
    Schfooge, Sep 1, 2004
  6. SirReadAlot

    Guest Guest

    Many technical recruiters play this game where they try to convince you that
    your skills are lacking in some area and need improvement. They use this a
    bargaining chip hoping a job seeker will then settle for a lowball offer.
    The thing you need to keep in mind is that the recruiter is ultimately
    promoting their client (the company); not you. This may not be your case,
    but it's something to consider.
    Guest, Sep 1, 2004
  7. The technologies used within the IT industry change rapidly, always
    have done, always will do.

    Any company worth their salt would not place such a high importance on
    'buzzwords'. Such companies require real world experience within their
    own business sector. Gaining such experience is far harder than
    learning dot net, vs98, j2ee, etc,etc, for which learning such
    frameworks, tools etc is part and parcel of the profession.

    Software development involves much more than just coding, in fact any
    in house software development project which expends more than fifteen
    percent of resources on implementation, is wasting effort.
    Any company which falls for the latest buzzword spurge deserves what
    they get. While it is indeed true that 'most' new IT related
    technologies can help business, it is by no means certain any short or
    medium term gains will be made by using such 'bleeding edge'
    technologies. In any case why should a company whose core business is
    NOT creating software waste money by also dancing to the tune played
    by some software companies marketing machine, when there is no
    tangible gain to be seen?

    As an example, given dot net, their is no business problems which
    cannot be solved with dot net which could not be solve with pre dot
    net tools.

    Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
    The Poster Formerly Known as Kline Sphere, Sep 7, 2004
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