Whats best,free anti virus d,load chkall my system

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by fredcromer, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. fredcromer

    fredcromer Guest

    I've only had a computer a month, and i'm already getting bull#### messages
    via e-mail from MS re' all sorts of offers..Luckily I have AVG6, and that's
    stopped me opening the attachments, but I need to check my harddisk for
    viruses....I've got zonealarm..but it bugs me all the time, and spybot,
    which can 'freeze' sometimes...has anyone any advice as i'm a novice
    maldoon....cheers people...FRED C
    fredcromer, Apr 1, 2004
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  2. fredcromer

    len gardener Guest

    g'day fred,

    you will most likely find that avg is doing its job, those infected
    e/mails that look like the generate from ms are just part of life
    online we all get them simple just never open them relogate them to
    the trash can post haste. most isp's offer spam filtering for a price
    that is most likely the only way you will stop some of that e/mail.

    i have zone alarm and the only time it ever gave me problems was when
    i ran one of those spy type programs for me can't see the need for
    such a program realy, but za has been back to its good old self once i
    cleaned my system of the spy program.

    for free house calls i have used the following:


    this one only gives you one option and that is it checks your whole
    computer, once running you can go offline then go back online when it
    finishes to finalise the check.


    also used this one (aka pc-cillon) but can't remember if you can go
    off line while it scans.

    how it happens for me


    happy gardening
    'it works for me it could work for you,'

    "in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do" but consider others and the environment
    len gardener, Apr 1, 2004
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  3. fredcromer

    Tony Guest

    Hi Fred ,
    I am also not so experienced with computers but I have learnt some valuable
    stuff from newsgroups like this , there are lots of knowledgable people out
    there who are prepared to help . For what its worth I have found the
    following ,
    No matter if you have a virus program or not , never just open an attachment
    , I always right click it and save it then go to the file , right click the
    attachment file and scan for virus , if OK I then open it .
    I have found that Avast is a good free virus scanner , but so is AVG
    although I dropped it because of the time and trouble trying to get updates.
    I always run Adaware or Spybot once a week , sometimes both .
    I have Zone Alarm and have no complaints about it .
    I always use Panda online virus scanner once a fortnight
    I have never put my home email address out for anything on the web , I use
    only hotmail or yahoo for registrations
    The last email address I had before this one I had to close because of spam
    , you live and learn I guess
    I have had my present address for over 1 year and get no spam at all , and I
    do mean none at all .
    I never email to my home address from my hotmail address or vice versa .
    I hope some of this helps
    Tony, Apr 2, 2004
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