Whats a Cheap,good 2 MP digital camera ?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by We Live for the One we Die for the One, May 20, 2004.

  1. Just need a Camera to take some pics for websites, mine, nothing
    expensive, maybe 2X Optical zoom, someone that uses JPG ?

    Iam in Australia so take that in mind.

    I could just go buy any cheap camera and be happy prob 2MP cameras are
    realy no that different but i want some feedback to help me choose

    Thanks again.
    We Live for the One we Die for the One, May 20, 2004
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  2. Welcome to r.p.d, it's hell compared to alt.comp.hardware.overclocking.amd

    My sister has a Nikon Coolpix 2100. It's reasonable, although discontinued;
    the current 2200 uses some horrible ultra-mini medium (SD, xD or the like)
    rather than the comfortably established Compactflash the owners of digital
    SLRs know and love. Whichever you prefer is fine- 2mp, 3x optical, lord
    knows how much digital zoom but it's best left alone anyhow. All files are
    JPEGs, of course- though I believe it can record short video clips too (AVI?
    MPEG? Who knows?). Two million should be more than enough for web use- my
    sister has A4 prints from it which are more than passable at a reasonable
    viewing distance.

    BTW, did you get the Zalman?
    Martin Francis, May 20, 2004
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  3. Hi,

    I've just purchased the Olympus C-220 ZOOM from amazon for use on the
    Animals in Distress website and I find it more than enough. They have a
    good price on it at the moment.

    If you want to take a look please visit via

    Grytpype-Thynne, May 20, 2004
  4. We Live for the One we Die for the One

    Al Ginsburg Guest

    We have two Nikon Coolpix 2200s and love them. Someone prior mentioned the
    detraction that they use SD rather than compact flash, which we thought too.
    But now we find that this camera last a lot longer on the same battery than
    did the 2100 we had before. So, we guess that the SD uses less battery
    drain. It also has 15 MB internal memory, so for small shoots you don't
    need a memory card. Our camers(s) came in a special with 64MB SD card for
    $150 (US). (but don't be fooled into thinking their is a memory chip in the
    box, the SD was extra. the camera only comes with the internal memory.)
    Al Ginsburg, May 20, 2004
  5. Actually, forget all that- Amazon UK have the Canon A60 for £99 (no idea AU$
    figure) and it's reputedly excellent- similar quality to the Nikon, but with
    additional manual features if you feel like doing more than the odd web pic
    with it. Have a look see.
    Martin Francis, May 20, 2004
  6. right. nikon point and shoots are a disaster. stay away from them and go
    with canon. the nikons all lack autofocus assist and have a really awful
    menu system that will sure to confuse. i would go as far as to say that any
    other brand is a better choice than a nikon point and shoot digital. though
    the autofocus assist may seem unnecessary, if you expect to use it to take
    pictures of family around a dining table you will wish you had it as your
    camera chokes on trying to find the correct focus... i second the canon
    a60, or a70 if you find one (discontinued but sold off at very low prices).
    Christopher Muto, May 21, 2004
  7. We Live for the One we Die for the One

    Thad Guest

    Do your research before you post untruths. The latest Nikon Coolpix
    models (2200, 3200, 3700, 4200, & 5200) ALL have autofocus assist lamps.
    Thad, May 21, 2004
  8. We Live for the One we Die for the One

    Mike Guest

    I got one from Amazon at £99 for the kids to use on holiday. Bargain!
    They love it, especially the movie mode which also includes sound

    Produces some very nice prints on my Canon i950. The thing even has
    Av, Tv, Auto, Program & full manual exposure modes, plus 3 metering
    modes including spot metering!

    Mike, May 21, 2004
  9. We Live for the One we Die for the One

    spodosaurus Guest




    Those are places I'd look. DirtCheapCameras has, as its name implies,
    the best prices. However, I've enver ordered from them.

    spodosaurus, May 21, 2004
  10. We Live for the One we Die for the One

    spodosaurus Guest

    And this includes the Coolpix 3200, 3700, and 4300? Just asking because
    I've been looking at them.
    Not here in Australia. If you want a Canon Australia warranty you pay
    through the nose.
    spodosaurus, May 21, 2004
  11. We Live for the One we Die for the One

    spodosaurus Guest

    Thanks Thad!
    spodosaurus, May 21, 2004
  12. We Live for the One we Die for the One

    spodosaurus Guest

    I mentioned this in another post, but to get a Canon Australia warranty
    you have to pay the inflated prices here in Australia. I think I just
    saw an A60 at a computer online store (with reasonable prices, but not
    ultra ultra cheap) for over $400 AUD :-(
    spodosaurus, May 21, 2004
  13. Zalman CPu cooler, CNps700a-cu, Zlaman heatpipe cooler and Zalman
    Northbridge pasive cooler :)

    have to install them all on the weekend.
    We Live for the One we Die for the One, May 21, 2004
  14. that's funny. i have grown so disgusted with nikons point and shoot digital
    cameras that i haven't given them the time of day to read the specs on their
    new cameras... it sure took them long enough to figure out that users need
    this most basic of feature. but i assume that the menus are still as
    miserable as ever eh?
    Christopher Muto, May 21, 2004
  15. We Live for the One we Die for the One

    Roger Guest

    If your web pictures require photos of small objects (e.g. macro
    photography), you might consider something like a used Nikon CoolPix
    950. It's a two megapixel camera with an excellent macro lens. Just a
    thought. My wife and I use one all the time and it's excellent for web
    stuff and other electronic sharing. We also print 4x6's from the

    Roger, May 21, 2004
  16. the 5400, 5700, and 8700 don't seem to have it... so not exactly 'all'
    models have this feature. but slow as they are to respond, they do seem to
    be trying... i guess poor sales results makes one listen to customers.

    Christopher Muto, May 21, 2004
  17. We Live for the One we Die for the One

    spodosaurus Guest

    I don't follow...was that supposed to go in this thread? Perhaps I'm
    just up far too late...

    Nice choices of PC cooling solutions, though. I'm strongly considering
    putting a heat pipe on my video card. I think I'll probably go with an
    Antec PSU when I upgrade this one. I think ti's almost due to be
    upgraded, as I've upgraded most other components of my system with more
    power hungry bits.
    spodosaurus, May 21, 2004
  18. Nice. Had an eye on the Zalman flower, but I just bought a Lian-Li and i'm
    loathe to drill holes for the 92mm fan bracket in the side of my spanking
    new case...

    Might be a Thermalright in my immediate future, though :)
    Martin Francis, May 21, 2004
  19. Get the Zalman CPu cooler, CNps700a-cu BEST COOLER EVER, fits p4,Amd64
    and Athlons :), and is QUIET, well i @&@&&@ hope so picking it up
    today all the reviews says it is, just make sure you look on the
    Zalman site to see if its compatible with your Mainboard this SUCKER
    is big :/

    Iam looking for a case with a top and bottom 120mm holes :), Super
    Lanboy has this but want a full tower :(, supose i could weld two
    together HE HE.

    I have no probs cutting holes in cases, one front and one side and one
    back :), going to put one on top as well, with a 120mm fan on all of
    them but the rear just two 80mm their as thats all i can fit their
    HMM, maybe a 92mm maybe !!!.

    Martin ill look into it :)
    We Live for the One we Die for the One, May 21, 2004
  20. Roger Roger, you never head that before right :)
    We Live for the One we Die for the One, May 21, 2004
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