what would cause this problem? Keyboard/Mouse doesn't work every restart

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Kangol kangoll, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. this computer every time it reboots the keyboard is faulty, and it does not
    work. for example like starting up when i hit del it does not go into the
    bios, but when i hit restart on the computer to restart the system, and hit
    delete again i can enter the BIOS. anyone know what would be causing this?
    i think faulty connectors might of caused this. not sure.
    the motherboard is a MSI motherboard KT600 with nforce2 drivers, with built
    in LAN and audio.
    Kangol kangoll, Nov 23, 2003
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  2. Kangol kangoll

    hootnholler Guest

    Hi Kangol,

    Bad news is, if this is ps/2, the BIOS controls the keyboard. If that is
    the case, maybe a new motherboard is in your future. Have also seen a few
    where the solder joints on the keyboard are shot. You can try the contact
    cleaner method, which was suggested, and not a bad idea, but have found that
    to be the problem in only very remote circumstances.

    Try the contact cleaner (won't hurt anything...), then, try another
    keyboard, then try restoring the bios to default (if you can...) and if not,
    start hunting for another connection, like usb, and if nada on all these,
    may need another keyboard. It's a nice board, so probably one of the
    forementioned problems.

    Hope this helps.

    hootnholler, Nov 23, 2003
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  3. the motherboard is actually new not old, sorry i did not mention that it's
    running the new nforce2 chipset i belive it's the KT400 chipset running DDR
    400 ram. the model is MSI K7N2 Delta-L Nforce2 socketA
    Kangol kangoll, Nov 24, 2003
  4. Also, the keyboard is a ps\2 connector
    Kangol kangoll, Nov 24, 2003
  5. Kangol kangoll

    hootnholler Guest

    Actually, I should apologize, after reviewing my message...

    I meant you may need a new motherboard, not keyboard. In most cases (at
    least every one that I have seen....) the ps/2 connection is originally
    setup by the information in CMOS (BIOS chip). Ie, the keyboard should have
    limited function until your operating system is booted, then you can have
    other functions that are controlled by the OS, like an internet keyboard,
    volume controls, and whatever doodads they throw on a 'special' keyboard.
    To enter the BIOS, the CMOS should have the information stored in it for
    almost every keyboard. Again, if it says hit delete to enter BIOS, the CMOS
    should recognize that keystroke.

    Soo, let's start from the keyboard and work our way back to the pc itself.
    First, check the wire. Is it 'kinked', frayed, or appear split at all? If
    so, replace keyboard. Next, check the ps/2 connection. Is it seated
    properly? Any missing or bent pins, or other nefarious things? This may be
    a good time to try the contact cleaner cleaning, and try again. If nothing,
    time to crack the case. Now, follow the external plug in to where it is
    connected to the motherboard itself. Does there seem to be a bad solder
    joint? Unless you are real good with a soldering iron, let it go, if you do
    find one. If all seems good, there is only one of possible 2 things that I
    can think of, the connector itself is bad (which does happen) or the CMOS is
    corrupt. Personally, I would try and pick up a usb keyboard, give that a
    go, see if anything helps, lot cheaper. If that doesn't work, try to figure
    out why the CMOS is corrupt, but in all honesty, at this point, would
    replace the motherboard.

    I do hope that it's not the motherboard, that is a nice board. I run the
    nforce2 myself on an Asus board and very happy with it. But, to be the
    bearer of bad news, there was a recall on several boards about that time
    about the electrolytic fluid in capacitors. Apparently, some capacitor
    manufacturer thought they stole the recipe from a reputable manufacturer,
    and tried to sell their stuff. They succeeded. Problem was, they didn't
    get the formula correct, and causes some caps to swell on a board, which
    your problem is one of the many symptoms. They are the 'yellow can' looking
    things on the board, and you can tell if they are swelled, they usually look
    like soda cans about ready to burst, and the silver disc on top is usually
    bulged. Kangol, really hoping you're not another victim of this...

    Check it out and lemme know what you find. Will try to give as much info as
    my puny mind can sustain.

    hootnholler, Nov 24, 2003
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