What were your scores?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Raymond, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Raymond

    Raymond Guest

    For those you are A+ certified, I just want to ask what were your scores?
    Did you satisfy with your scores or they were very disappointed?

    Thank you.
    Raymond, Feb 24, 2004
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  2. Raymond

    ap Guest

    Scores are irrelevant. It is a pass/fail test.
    ap, Feb 25, 2004
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  3. Raymond

    Raymond Guest

    I was a little disappointed with my Core score - 847
    My OS score was a 965 which I felt better about
    I took both tests today and passed but very disappointed with my scores. I
    spent 6 months study for it. I have Michael Meyers A+ cd version borrowed
    from my local library. I went over it like 20 times. I read the book
    twice. I also spent many times go over the practice exams on the cd and
    from the book. However, I did poorly on the exame earning only 575 on the
    core and 508 on the os, just barely enough to pass. I guess I got to do a
    lot of touch up before get on to other certifications or getting a real job.
    My question is the anyone take the 2003 A+ lately? Some of the stuffs on
    the exame I don't find it covered in the book. The wording and the choices
    are also horrible. And yes with such scores, I don't consider myself A+
    Raymond, Feb 25, 2004
  4. Raymond

    jim6538 Guest

    I got 949 (passing=600) on OS and 881 (passing=596) on Hardware. This
    was in January of 2003 and the test was still adaptive. I've taken a
    lot of certs over the past few years and was quite satisfied with
    these scores. The Microsoft tests are strictly pass/fail so you don't
    know how you did compared to others. I thought they were more
    difficult than A+. Cisco tests were the most difficult, in my opinion.
    Mainly because of the simulations.
    jim6538, Feb 25, 2004
  5. Raymond

    jim6538 Guest

    A+ doesn't give scores anymore? What a shame.

    jim6538, Feb 25, 2004
  6. Don't try to compare scores across differnt versions of the exam. We
    teach lots of A+ candidates and it is obvious that since the November
    2003 revision the scores have become much lower.

    My gut feeling is that a score of over 900 early in 2003 is equivalent
    to perhaps less than 600 now

    Any passing score is a good score!

    Gordon Findlay, Feb 25, 2004
  7. I took the core test two weeks ago and was disappointed with my score
    (630) as the test software said that the score range was from 100 to 900.
    Therefore I figure that I only did slightly better than 66%?????
    David BlandIII, Feb 25, 2004
  8. I got a 575 on the core and a 551 on the OS. I'm not to concerned with
    those numbers because it's almost impossible to know everything about
    Windows 9x,Me and Windows NT,2000 and XP. As long as you passed, that's the
    most important thing. Good Luck.
    Anthony Spiteri, Feb 25, 2004
  9. Raymond

    Carrito Guest

    Raymond, Im studying for the OS part now but passed the core with a
    590. Yeah I was dissapointed. There were several questions that didn't
    seem to have an obvious answer. No im not exagerating. That and some
    of the wording was bad. My problem was that about a 1/3 of the stuff
    that I had really studied and tried to know or at least understand, I
    didn't even have a single question on. But this being my first ever
    test I know a little more I hope as to what to expect next time and
    will make sure that I go back and at elast re read the chapters in the
    book before the exam. I still havent figured out which of the four
    printers do not print in color: inkjet, thermal, laser, or dye
    sublimation. Apparantly I got it wrong, yet they all print in color.

    Carrito, Feb 25, 2004
  10. Raymond

    Raymond Guest

    Thank you all, I certainly feel better hearing your experiences with the
    Raymond, Feb 25, 2004
  11. This is VERY interesting, isn't it? It looks like all of us who took the new
    test can stop feeling bad about our scores!!

    I got HW-612 OS-551, I too was very disappointed.

    It will be *really* interesting to find out if the pass/fail ratio has
    changed by much. Gordon & any other educators - what do you think?

    Jonathan Miles, Feb 25, 2004
  12. Sounds like a textbook definition to me :)
    David BlandIII, Feb 25, 2004
  13. Raymond

    Raymond Guest

    ImhoTech is absolutely right! Sorry I wasn't thinking of the new tests
    :) I took the test in November 2002, so that was the old one, and yes
    it took me less than 10 minutes to complete.
    80 questions took you less than 10 minutes? wow, It took me almost 1 hour to
    complete 80 questions on the 2003 exams.
    Raymond, Feb 26, 2004
  14. Raymond

    Raymond Guest

    I thought it was 80 questions per exam like the new linear in Nov 2003. If
    there was only 20 questions, I think it is too easy and way unfair for folks
    like me. damn comptia
    Raymond, Feb 26, 2004
  15. Raymond

    Carrito Guest

    Well I dont know about that. Seeing as the test didnt specify the
    exact type of thermal printer used, there most certainly are thermal
    color printers. There are several different types by different
    manufactures. Do a google search and look it up. There are both black
    and white and full color.
    Carrito, Feb 26, 2004
  16. Raymond,

    That's the way adaptive tests work. they tend to be highly favorable or
    unfavorable because they test you on random knowledge until you miss a
    One missed it "adapts" it future questions to the area in which you're
    weak and asks successively more such questions until it "determines" that
    (at this
    rate) you'll either fail or pass. That determination could take 20
    questions, 30, or
    40. Likewise if do well on your initial questions or even correct an early
    question, the test will determine that you'll pass "at this rate" and stop
    you. I hate it! :)
    David BlandIII, Feb 26, 2004
  17. In the betas for the adaptive tests in the year 2000, the old tests
    (66 and 70 questions) were done first, then one or two betas of each
    were done (I did both OS and Core together), for a total of anywhere
    from 176 to 256 questions. I didn't count my questions in the adaptive
    betas, but did 2 of each test, so I had at least 216 questions. The
    one difference with the regular part of the test was that, because it
    was connected with the adaptive betas, it was not possible to go back
    and change an answer.

    Anybody else here get their A+ from those betas? I don't recall anyone
    else ever mentioning it here.

    Tom MacIntyre, Feb 26, 2004
  18. Raymond

    jeff Guest

    Hey, I had that dog of a question and stared at it for several
    Dang them Comptia guys.

    I put laser only because some lasers don't print in color, had to put
    down something.

    I got a question that should be on the test: By what justification is
    it to sell these cert tests at outrageous prices? Its not like it
    'costs' them much to dispense it. Isn't Comptia nonprofit? hee hee.
    jeff, Feb 28, 2004
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