What was the most violent civil war battle?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Lucas Tam, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Lucas Tam

    Brad Meyer Guest

    Old and older. These are mostly good works (I think Weigley's book has
    fleas and howls at the moon, and disagree with the conclusions raised
    by some of the others, but I digress) but have, as relates to Cold
    Harbor, been superceded by more recent and in depth research on the
    battle and the muster rolls, medical records, etc., etc. The sources
    that these authors used to arrive ant thier conclusions have been
    overtaken by progress. If you mean to argue the sources, you should
    consider all of them, especially the most recent, and be prepared to
    dispute the newer research.
    This is two different things. Your assertion that "there is a
    considerable body of accepted evidence that indicates that Cold Harbor
    was in fact the most intensively destructive battle of the war" is
    entirely different (and, IMO, has a certain validity depending on what
    parameters one assigns to "intensively destructive") then the
    "original assertion". The arguments supporting the former do not, in
    and of themselves, support the latter just by being valid in
    demonstarting the former.
    No excuse, IMO, for not doing just a little homework after deciding to
    cease to avoid this newsgroup.
    His eminence in the sense you mean is not the issue. Ed Frank once
    posted something to the effect that unmoderated Usenet represented the
    first truely free polity. I agree. One is, to the extent that one
    appears on this NG, what one posts. I have no way of knowing if the
    entity posting as Brooks Simpson is really the one and only Brooks
    Simpson or a precocious 10th grader in Buzzard's Breath Idaho. To mee
    it dopesn't matter. If Dr. Simpson gives a source it can be checked.
    If he draws different inferences from the same sources it can be
    debated, and that holds true no matter who "Dr Simpson" is. Even if
    you accempt that he is Dr. Simpson (By God!!) and all that implies,
    ISTM you might have concluded that he might be familiar with (at
    least) the same sources you posted. If so its just possible that he
    might know something or things that you are unaware of and uninformed
    about. That being the case, ISTM that this post with the cites could
    have been substituted for the post telling Dr Simpson (By God!!) to "
    .. . . look it up".
    More importantly, what you post will establish your credentials. Here,
    you are what you post.
    Brad Meyer, Apr 22, 2004
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