What type of Certificate server?

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Al Blake, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Al Blake

    Al Blake Guest

    WLAN using PEAP-TLS.

    Server1 - Win2k3E AD DC + DNS + DHCP + GC + IAS + Enterprise CA (issues
    certs from domain machines usin autoenroll)
    Server2 - Win2k3S AD DC + DNS + DHCP + GC + IAS

    So we have redudancy in case of failure of server1 for DNS, GC, ADC, IAS
    (radius). My big worry is if server1 fails we have no redudancy for cert
    services.....so machines cant authenticate using PEAP-TLS and our entire
    WLAN fails(!).

    So - I want to add cert servicesw to server2....but I ma *very* confused as
    to what 'sort' of certificate services I should be setting up. I know that
    it shouldnt be another enterprise CA(!) but type of cert server should it be
    to provide redudancy in case server1 is off air?

    Any tips?

    Al Blake, Canberra.
    PS Please dont tell me I need more boxes - we cant afford any more.
    PPS Any ideas with redudancy for DHCP - this is another service that I can
    work out how you can have failover for (as you cant have two servers give
    out the same address range - or can you?)
    Al Blake, Oct 11, 2004
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