What Standalone DVD Player to buy.

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by IAN GARDNER, May 21, 2004.



    Dear all,
    This is not really computer related but here goes.
    My DVD Player isn`t reliable. It`s a Thompson DTH4200 and after an hour it
    starts to play up.
    Other people I know seem to have this problem as well and they have
    different players.

    What new models would you guys recomend that play ALL Formats like MP3
    DVD-RW etc, etc?

    IAN GARDNER, May 21, 2004
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    Thor Guest

    Panasonic, and JVC are two of my favorite brands. I would avoid Sony DVD
    players. I know Sony makes many things that are good quality, but I bought a
    Sony DVD/VHS combo deck as a anniversary present for my sister and her
    husband last year, and it frequently froze up while watching DVDs
    (scratch-free DVDs in perfect condition). Took it back, and got another one,
    and the same thing happened. After that, a red flag went up that we might be
    dealing with more than just an isolated incident. Went online and checked
    Epinions, and Amazon.com customer reviews and discovered page after page
    after page of people having the same problem from that very model, yet Sony
    was still selling that piece of shit with such an obvious glaring defect,
    and denying that there was a problem to the people who reported it directly
    to them. Took that second Sony unit back, and got a Panasonic and never had
    a problem since. Whatever you do, if you find a model you are interested in,
    check Epinions, and Amazon.com's customer reviews. It would have saved me a
    lot of trouble If i had done that first. The store I dealt with was very
    reasonable, and had no problem with me switching to a different brand, even
    though it was the second time I brought the unit back, and the unit I ended
    up getting was even a little bit cheaper, and they refunded the difference
    to me.
    Thor, May 23, 2004
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  3. I also had the same problem with a Sony DVD player. Even with
    brand-new DVDs, the player would pause/halt/restart the disc, or
    oftentimes fail to recognize the disc at all. I went to a different
    store, and the salesperdon there admitted that they had been getting a
    lot of returns. Looking around on the web, it seems the
    progressive-scan Sony models didn't have the same problems. It's been
    about two years since I bought a progressive-scan Sony, and have had
    absolutely no problems with it.

    Scott Gardner
    Scott Gardner, May 23, 2004


    I was going to get those skinny Sony one`s because I thought that they
    might be the best!
    Most of my gear is Technics or Panasonic, so you have made my day again
    Thor! Thankyou my friend.
    One thing I did notice was with my Panasonic NV HD-680 Video recorder is
    that I replaced my old NV L28 and NV F60 with this model and the pause on
    the old one`s is crystal clear. The pause on my surpossed new model 4 head
    one is far worse!

    IAN GARDNER, May 23, 2004

    Thor Guest

    That may be the case. I don't recall whether the unit I bought initially was
    progressive scan or not, but the Panasonic unit I ended up getting is
    progressive scan, I do know that much. However, to me even if I discovered
    that Sony progressive scan models had no problems, after dealing with this,
    and seeing how many of these bad units Sony is selling, I'd rather not buy
    another Sony just on sheer principal.
    Thor, May 23, 2004

    BillKirch Guest

    What new models would you guys recomend that play ALL Formats like MP3
    Apex ...cheap and plays everthing. BG
    BillKirch, May 24, 2004

    Thor Guest

    So much for technological progress, eh? :)
    Thor, May 25, 2004


    !!!!! Yes!

    My old one had a front flap that came down with all the buttons on. It also
    had the eject button on. It was the spare one in the bedroom and the flap
    was down. I was doing something and I trod on the flap and broke it off! The
    remote diddn`t have an eject button on it so I would have had to use the
    same tape all the time!
    Anyway, the contents insurance paid for a new one but it was the above
    I hade no choise. Next time I buy one, I will look at it in the shop.
    IAN GARDNER, May 28, 2004
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