What kind of audio files are these and where are they being stored?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Doc, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Doc

    Daave Guest

    Good point.
    Daave, Aug 24, 2007
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  2. Doc

    Daave Guest

    Try C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet

    I tried the site, and those MP3s are in my TIF folder, so I'm sure
    they're in yours, too!
    Daave, Aug 24, 2007
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  3. Doc

    Vanguard Guest

    in message
    The TIF location for the local store of downloaded files was already
    mentioned in a post before mine. I wasn't going to rehash the same
    answer. The OP said he didn't see the file there (although, after my
    testing below, it was there) so I figured the audio was streamed
    because the OP said he couldn't find the file.

    I'm not interested in visiting a site that requires you to download or
    use an ActiveX control, especially for an unknown and untrusted site.
    I also wasn't interested in running their Javascript. The Usenet is
    full of trolls and malcontents asking you to visit their malicious
    sites. If they were profferring downloadable music files, Javascript
    is not a requirement, nor is AX. The site's intent is to provide a
    preview of the author's music, not let users steal it. Although they
    tried to hide the music source files by using Javascript (to present
    the GUI interface for their "player" image) and AX (to handle the
    content locally), they did a very poor job because they didn't stream
    it. When Flash is involved, usually the content is streamed.

    I then looked at the code for the pages. Flash (which is the AX that
    was blocked when I visited) is used to present some A/V content, as

    <param name="movie"
    &playlist=http://www.jordynshellhart.com/musi...ww.jordynshellhart.com/music/08 Only Hope.mp3"

    They use Javascript to load their "player" which uses a .swf script
    using the local AX control. Usually if Flash is involved, the content
    is streamed from their server to protect it. Instead the playlist
    parameter for the .swf script simply points at URLs for the .mp3
    files. For example, the first one is for:

    http://www.jordynshellhart.com/music/01 The Knot Comes Untied.mp3

    Using that URL, and when WMP opens to play (or whatever player the
    user has configured to handle .mp3 media types), the user could use
    File -> Save As. That is because a local copy did get saved in the
    user's TIF for their browser and File -> Save As is merely making
    another copy of it. The use of Flash to handle the music content
    eliminates a local player where user could easily use File -> Save
    As); however, and due to the lazy coding and a cheap site that doesn't
    use a Flash media server, that doesn't stop a user from using the URL
    to the file itself (which ends up opening WMP).
    Recording. Downloading.
    Pot-ay-to. Po-tah-to.
    Vanguard, Aug 24, 2007
  4. Doc

    Daave Guest

    More like potato and tomato...

    If you have either an old PC or a slow dial-up connection, downloading
    the *actual* digital file is much more preferable than digitally
    recording an analog signal from a sound card, especially if there is a
    lot of buffering and stuttering! I don't do this that often, but the few
    times I do, I find either Streambox VCR or SDP useful.
    Daave, Aug 24, 2007
  5. Doc

    rrkgroups1 Guest

    why my posting is not showing completely
    rrkgroups1, Aug 24, 2007
  6. Doc

    nobody > Guest

    Buy her album.
    nobody >, Aug 24, 2007
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