what is your favourite photo/video organizer?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Cambium, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. Cambium

    Cambium Guest

    I downloaded Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition with
    Adobe PDF Reader. Unfortunately, the constant effort to
    make you buy the full version is very annoying, so much that
    it is the biggest thing that puts me off buying it.

    But I can see the program has possibilities. It is
    essentially a database that stores various criteria that can
    be searched. You can add more than one criteria to each
    photo, so if you got accustomed to it, you could probably
    find any photo pretty quickly and easily.

    The timeline/graph looks to be useful. You can also link to
    your editing software, a minor plus (compared to dragging
    the picture to where your editor is on the taskbar).

    Anyhow, does anyone know of any other organizers using a
    well featured database? Does anyone have any great
    favourites? I have Sony's Picture Gear. It is pretty good
    for making panoramas and checking picture info, but the
    organizing features are not very intuitive, not really as
    good as Adobe's either in ease of use or features. Both of
    them organize video files as well as stills, and I think
    Sony's has more functionality with video. (of course).

    Having a really good organizer would make life a lot easier!

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Cambium, Feb 2, 2004
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  2. Cambium

    Canopus Guest

    This may sound a little odd, but, after trying out various albums etc. I
    found that my file organizer, Directory Opus, is more than adequate. DOpus
    www.gpsoft.com.au is a Windows Explorer replacement which can be used in
    Dual Pane or in its terminology Dual Lister mode, making organization
    easier. It has an excelent viewer that can also be used in slide show mode
    and good search facilities. File headers can be customized so that they not
    only show filename, byte size, extension etc. which Explorer does, but, also
    almost all EXIF information which is very handy. DOpus can also be
    customized to open directly into your camera download folders or buttons
    created to go to appropriate folders etc. It can be further customized by
    downloading a Nero Toolbar so that you can select pictures from the lister
    and burn directly to CD without the need to launch Nero. Images can be sent
    directly to any application you wish by right clicking on them and it is a
    simple job to add applications if they do not appear in the right click
    context menu. It also supports viewing video. The only slight drawback is
    that the viewer does not as yet display PSP 8 formatted images, but, it is
    possible to write your own code to display them and download tools to help
    you do so.

    It may be worth a look as it is one of the most versatile applications I've
    come across. You can download a fully functional 60 day trial of it from
    the above address...and yes, unlike most trials it is for 60 days.

    Canopus, Feb 2, 2004
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  3. Well I don't think I would let that put me off, after all it is just
    available to allow you to find out about their product, not really use it.

    Frankly that is the program I use. I looked around and it seemed to
    have the best selection of the features I wanted and I trusted that Adobe
    would put those features into a good package. That I feel they did. It
    works for me. The more I use it and learn the additional tricks the more I
    like it.

    That said, I would guess a few others would also work for me. I have
    only used two or three others that came with other equipment like scanners
    or cameras and I was not impressed from my perspective, but I would suspect
    that others or full versions of the ones I looked at might do well.
    Joseph Meehan, Feb 2, 2004
  4. Canon also has their software, but generally the camera producers
    are not the best at the SW stuff.

    Other options are Breezebrowser (no experience) and IrfanView (free).

    Or if you upgrade to MacOS X, there is iPhoto.
    Povl H. Pedersen, Feb 2, 2004
  5. Cambium

    stan Guest

    Easy. My favorite photo organizer is iPhoto '04 which is
    part of Apple's $49 iLife '04 package for Mac OS X. I do
    not do videos so I have no comment on that.
    stan, Feb 2, 2004
  6. Cambium

    Dan Pidcock Guest

    ImageDB (http://www.focussoftware.co.uk/imagedb/index.htm) has an
    interesting way of organising photos that sounds similar to the adobe
    product you describe. You can categorise your pictures into several
    different categories at once, so you could group them by different
    attributes such as subject matter, date, type of photo (b&w etc),

    Dan Pidcock, Feb 2, 2004
  7. Cambium

    Cambium Guest

    Yes, you're right about that. I think it's more their
    annoying technique than the fact that they are making the
    effort to make you buy the full version, which of course
    they have a right to do.

    Anyhow, thanks for your comments on their product. I agree
    it looks good, and I suspected it would get even better the
    more you get used to using it.
    Cambium, Feb 2, 2004
  8. Cambium

    Markus Guest

    My favorites r IMatch, PhoA and Cumulus. PhoA is freeware.
    Try them! I think we all have different imaginations and so u should try the
    demos yourself.
    Markus, Feb 2, 2004
  9. Cambium

    Fuzzy Logic Guest

    [posted and mailed]

    I have been using ThumbsPlus for many years and it's got a lot of good
    features. Besides being an organizer it has a lot of editing capabilities
    and they have a very responsive tech support group. You can find out more
    and download the trial here:

    Fuzzy Logic, Feb 2, 2004
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