What is win32sl.exe and why does my firewall keep detecting UDP packets to it?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Steve Freides, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. My firewall almost constantly picking up UDP packets, on a wide range of
    ports, and from a wide range of IP addresses, all of which reference
    c:\dmi95\win32\bin\win32sl.exe on my Windows95 machine.

    Does anyone know what's happening here? Is it just spammers/spyware
    looking to hook in, or is it something else?


    Steve Freides, Jun 2, 2004
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  2. Steve Freides

    °Mike° Guest


    "Dell’s OpenManage DMI Service Layer. This service
    contains a collection of motherboard related MIFs
    installed on the PC and allows OpenManage modules
    to access them.

    Recommendation :
    If you use Dell’s OpenManage software, you need this
    service running, otherwise you can disable it..."
    °Mike°, Jun 2, 2004
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  3. Interesting - the computer in question is a Compaq, not a Dell.

    Would "disable" be to remove or rename win32sl.exe?

    Steve Freides, Jun 2, 2004
  4. Steve Freides

    why? Guest

    That's all incoming and none from any vendor site using the DMI

    One of your customers having a problem :)

    BTW you may want to fix a few things on the (fridayscomputer) webpage,
    Errors: 14 This page is not Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional!

    The HTML 4.0 DTD is way out of date.

    why?, Jun 2, 2004
  5. Steve Freides

    °Mike° Guest

    Use Startup Control Panel and disable it.

    °Mike°, Jun 3, 2004
  6. The Friday's Computer web site isn't one we pay any attention to -
    thanks for the heads up but, since we haven't changed it in years, we
    aren't likely to do anything about it any time soon.

    Yes, it's all incoming.

    Steve Freides, Jun 3, 2004
  7. OK, I downloaded and installed this control panel, but I don't see any
    reference to win32sl.exe. The file does, in fact, exist in the location
    that my firewall refers to it.

    Any more ideas?

    Steve Freides, Jun 3, 2004
  8. More info - I found a few CPQ-DMI-type things that were running on
    startup, so I disabled those since they were in the same folder as the
    offending win32sl.exe - we'll see if that fixes the problem.

    Steve Freides, Jun 3, 2004
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