What is the story with FavIcons icons.

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by pyotr filipivich, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. Greetings and Salutations

    I've been happy watching the favicon do their little colorful thing,
    what ever it is. But I am also a little confused as to what their purpose
    is. I ask this, because they "switch" back to the generic "page" icon
    according to a scheme which I haven't been able to discern. Do they go
    "blank" when there is something new to see? Or after N hours (or N hours
    since the last dial up?) or does it depend on something more esoteric, say
    the number of 2.0 earthquakes under Mt St Helens?

    Tisn't a big deal, just something to distract me from reality. :)

    pyotr filipivich, Oct 2, 2004
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  2. Are you talking about the favicons from within the bookmarks? If so,
    then there is a rhyme and reason to them. It depends on what setting
    you have. Type in about:config in the address bar and look for the entry


    and double click on it, then enter one of the following codes:

    0 = do not load
    1 = load only when they're in the cache
    2 = load all the time

    Chances are you've got yours set to "1" and the favicons will disappear
    everytime to empty the cache.

    Andreas, His Excellency, The Imperial Grand Pooh-B, Oct 2, 2004
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  3. pyotr filipivich

    Steve IA Guest

    I'm using FF 0.9.3 and about:config doesn't have a

    Not available in FF?

    Steve IA, Oct 2, 2004
  4. I missed the staff meeting but the minutes show "Andreas, His Excellency,
    Can't find that entry. (I don't think I have it)
    As I'm using Firefox, things are a "little different."

    There is a entry of "browser.chrome.favicons" which is of type boolean
    and set to "true".

    There is also a "browser.chrome.toolbar_style" which is integer, and
    set to "2"

    but no entry "browser.chrome.load_toolbar"

    OTOH, there are all sorts of "cool" entries, which tell me "Here Be
    Ways You can Really Screw Things Up" (Insert maniacal laughter]
    "Fools! Call me mad, will they! I'll show them! Bwahaahahaha!"

    Back to the drawing board.

    pyotr filipivich, Oct 2, 2004
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