What Is The Status of the FlashPix Format?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jeremy, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    x-no-archive: yes

    Kodak is still giving details on the format on their web site


    but I was under the impression that the format is no longer supported, and
    is effectively dead.

    It seems like the closest thing to the Image Pak format used on Kodak Photo
    CDs, and I would like to know if this format is being used by anyone.

    Can someone enlighten me on this?
    Jeremy, Oct 9, 2003
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  2. Jeremy

    Lucas Tam Guest

    Why do you care? FlashPix is dead.

    JPEG and TIFF are the defacto standards when it comes to digital camera
    files. Everything else is non-standard.
    Lucas Tam, Oct 9, 2003
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