What is the diffenece int the IOS versions? IP vs. IP PLUS vs. Enterprise?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by phillip, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. phillip

    phillip Guest

    What is the difference in the IOS versions? IP vs. IP PLUS vs. Enterprise?

    I only have 8 mg of flash in my 2500 and I want to run OSPF, EIGRP, BGP etc
    for testing purposes.

    What version of IOS should I get that has everything but is only 8mb?

    phillip, Nov 7, 2004
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  2. :What is the difference in the IOS versions? IP vs. IP PLUS vs. Enterprise?

    That depends on the exact hardware and software involved.

    :I only have 8 mg of flash in my 2500 and I want to run OSPF, EIGRP, BGP etc
    :for testing purposes.

    :What version of IOS should I get that has everything but is only 8mb?

    Too bad you didn't mention your RAM, as it makes a difference too.

    According to the Cisco Feature Navigator, you get BGP 4, OSPF, and
    EIGRP in 8 Mb flash in the base IP feature set in (at latest) 12.1(25).
    That image requires 8 Mb of RAM.

    If you only have 4 Mb of RAM, the Feature Navigator claims you can
    get those features all in in 11.2. I didn't bother to check whether
    it'd fit in 11.3; it won't in 12.0 with only 4 Mb of RAM.

    Note: if you don't already own the appropriate IOS version, then the
    cost of updating is $US1611, and that only gets you to 12.0(20).
    You can find the part, CISCO #S25C-12125, quoted for as little as $US139,
    but if you check, you are going to have a very hard time finding a
    store that has it in stock.

    On the other hand, if you upgrade your flash to 16 Mb ($US 91 from
    pacificcable.com) then you could order something like the IP PLUS 12.2(10)
    for $US208 from ecost.com (look through that site for the latest
    Cisco 2500 IOS that you can afford.)

    Alternately, if your 2500 is a 2511, you could get SmartNet on it,
    cisco part CON-SNT-2511, for about $US290 (ecost.com), which would allow
    you to load down any version of IOS for the 2511 that you wanted.
    You can also get SmartNet for the AS250x "access routers", as
    CON-SNT-PKG4 apparently -- but the PKGx series of part numbers is old
    part numbering, and I do not know if it is still orderable. I would
    think you could also get SmartNet for other 2500 devices, but I am not
    sure -- it is hard to locate the appropriate part numbers.

    To give you an idea of differences between feature sets: in 12.1(25),
    IP PLUS needs 8 Mb of RAM and 16 Mb of flash, and gives you these
    features as well as all of the IP features:

    Airline Product Set (ALPS), Airline Product Set Enhancements (MATIP),
    Bisync (BSC), BSTUN (Block Serial Tunneling), DLSw (RFC 1795), DLSw CO
    features, DLSw V2, DLSw+, DLSw+ Asynchronous TCP Enhancements, DLSw+
    Backup Peer Extensions for Encapsulation Types, DLSw+ Border Peer
    Caching, DLSw+ Enhanced Load Balancing, DLSw+ Ethernet Redundancy,
    DLSw+ Peer Group Clusters, DLSw+ RSVP Bandwidth Reservation, DLSw+ SNA
    Type of Service, DLSw+ Support For Transporting LLC1 UI Traffic, Down
    Stream Physical Unit (DSPU) over DLSw+, Downstream PU concentration
    (DSPU), Enhanced ATM VC Configuration and Management, Fast-Switched
    SRTLB, Frame Relay Access Support (FRAS) Border Access Node (BAN),
    Frame Relay Access Support (FRAS) Boundary Network Node (BNN), Frame
    Relay Access Support (FRAS) Dial Backup over DLSW+, Frame Relay Access
    Support (FRAS) DLCI Backup, Frame Relay Access Support (FRAS) Host,
    L2TP Dial-Out, L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, L2TP Tunnel
    Preservation of IP TOS, LAN Network Manager over DLSw+, Large Scale
    Dialout (LSDO), Layer 2 Forwarding-Fast Switching, Mobile IP, Mobile IP
    Home Agent (HA) Redundancy, Multichassis MultiLink PPP (MMP), Multihop
    VPDN, Native Client Interface Architecture (NCIA) Server, Native
    Service Point over DLSW+, Qualified Logical Link Control (QLLC), Remote
    Source-Route Bridging (RSRB), RIF Passthru in DLSw+, RMON full,
    SDLC-to-LAN conversion (SDLLC), SRB - Source-Route bridging, SRB over
    Frame Relay, Stack Group Bidding Protocol (SGBP), STUN (Serial Tunnel),
    Tunneling of Asynchronous Security Protocols, Virtual Private Dial-up
    Network (VPDN), VPN Tunnel Management

    The bare ENTERPRISE feature set is not available for that combination,
    but ENTERPRISE PLUS is; it takes 16 Mb of RAM and 16 Mb of flash, and
    adds these on top of the PLUS feature set:

    Apollo Domain, AppleTalk 1 and 2, AppleTalk Access List Enhancements,
    AppleTalk Control Protocol (ATCP), AppleTalk Load Balancing, AppleTalk
    Remote Access Protocol (ARAP), AppleTalk SMRP, AppleTalk Update-Based
    Routing Protocol (AURP), Banyan VINES, Banyan VINES over ISL, Banyan
    VINES SRTP, CNS Client, Connection-Mode Network Service (CMNS), DECnet
    Accounting, DECNet IV, DECnet over ISL, DECNet V, Display SAP by Name,
    Encrypted Kerberized Telnet, Frame Relay SVC Support (DTE), Frame Relay
    Tunnel Switching, IPSec Policy Agent II, IPX Access Control List
    Violation Logging, IPX Access List Plain English Filters, IPX Control
    Protocol, IPX Named Access Lists, IPX SAP-after-RIP, IPXWAN 2.0, IS-IS,
    IS-IS Multiarea Support, ISO CLNS, Kerberos V client support, Local
    Area Transport (LAT), NetBEUI over PPP (NBFCP), NetWare Asynchronous
    Services Interface (NASI), NetWare Link-Services Protocol (NLSP), NLSP
    Multicast Support, Novell IPX, Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM),
    Protocol Translation (PT), Rate Queues for SVC's per sub-interface,
    SNMP Manager, TCP Intercept, TN3270, V.120 Support, Virtual Templates
    for Protocol Translation, XNS, XNS over ISL, Xremote
    Walter Roberson, Nov 7, 2004
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  3. phillip

    phillip Guest


    phillip, Nov 7, 2004
  4. phillip

    Frank Fegert Guest

    there're really cheap offers of used 2500 flash and
    RAM on eBay - well in germany anyway. Also i had no
    problems in using simple PC SIMM RAM modules in 2500s.
    This is surely not a "production environment" kind of
    solution. But it does fine for testing and learning


    Frank Fegert, Nov 7, 2004
  5. phillip

    Glen Grant Guest

    Ip plus will support all the routing protocols , think enterprise
    supports a lot of the legacy stuff like decnet, appletalk,IPX etc....
    Glen Grant, Nov 14, 2004
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