What is the association between site, OU, domain, tree, forest

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Triandy Gunawan Teng, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. Hi I am a little bit confused with the definition of OU, site, domain, tree,
    forest. Can anyone please tell me whether I am corrent:
    1. 1 Site must have at least 1 Domain Controller (DC)
    2. 1 OU must have at least 1 DC
    3. How come username can't be unique in the same OU however it is possible
    to have same username in different OU. Isn't that going to cause confuseness
    to the user who wants to loggon to the computer in the domain.
    4. Two computer dev1.microsoft.com and dev2.microsoft.com. They are in the
    same domain tree. because dev1 and dev2 must always be followed with
    microsoft.com. However in here I am confused with forest. Is microsoft.com
    and java.com two different domain tree but they are in the same forest ???.
    5. If they are isn't that the com is also considered as parent domain name.
    If that's the case then forest is actually also a tree.

    Please anyone explain to me about this because I don't have any book and I
    study everything for MCSE server exam by my self and using info from

    Triandy Gunawan Teng, Feb 20, 2004
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  2. The key to avoiding confusion regarding similar users is the
    allocation of U P Ns User Principal Names.

    Here's a good primer
    on depploying 2000 server.

    My Hero:
    (remove vroomfondle to email me)
    Marlin Munrow, Feb 20, 2004
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  3. Triandy Gunawan Teng

    Cyberus Guest

    Wooah, what a confused state you seem to be in!

    Free study guides :

    Look at the guides for 70-216, 70-217 and 70-218.
    Read them all and you should have a much better understanding
    Cyberus, Feb 20, 2004
  4. Hi Triandy,

    (Someone else posted a link to info on UPNs, so I'll skip that question.)
    The first domain that you create in Active Directory is the root of that
    forest, even though it's only one domain to start with. Let's call it

    You create a second domain - you specify if that domain will be a child to
    root.com, forming a tree (child.root.com) or you specify to start another
    tree (second.com). If you specify to start another tree, you can choose to
    create the second tree in the existing forest or in a new forest.

    Within any of the domains in your forest, you can create an organizational
    unit (OU) structure. You must have at least one domain controller in each
    domain; you do not require a domain controller in an OU. When you create a
    domain, a default organizational unit for domain controllers is also
    created. You should keep your domain controllers in this organizational

    Sites are defined by IP subnets. You decide whether to place a domain
    controller (or more than one) in a site based on your network requirements
    and most sites should have a domain controller, however a site does not
    require a domain controller.

    These are simplified answers; you should read the documentation on Active
    Directory for a better understanding:
    Jeanie Decker \(MS\), Feb 25, 2004
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