What is the Advantages And Disadvantages of Norton Antivirus

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by lotrza, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. lotrza

    lotrza Guest

    Can Anyone point out what the advantages and disvantages of Norton
    Antivirus and AVG Antivirus
    lotrza, Oct 20, 2005
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  2. lotrza

    PC Guest

    Reputedly one of the most capable Anti Virus.
    Practically one of the most bloated dead weights you can put on a PC.
    (means if your PC is more than a year or two old, Norton will just 'kill'

    Price is right
    Performs 'competently' provided you keep it up to date
    Not so resource hungry (see Norton comment)

    Both programs generate strong opinions, which one to use depends on the
    Newer PC in a Corporate environment, use Norton because it keeps your ass
    from being kicked (well I did use the 'best' available)
    Older PC at home, use AVG and keep it up to date & save the money for an
    upgrade of your hardware.

    Others will propound Kaspery, AntiVir, PC Cillin, McAfee, ....... etc etc.
    The most thorough way to decide is to download some 'demo' versions and see
    how you like them.

    PC, Oct 20, 2005
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  3. lotrza

    kenny Guest

    I advise you stay away from all norton products that were created "in
    There are a few that they aquired from other companies that are good, for
    partition magic and GOBACK.... but Norton Antivirus?
    Bloatware and bugware and problematic beyond imagination!

    Keep away! You have been warned.

    Want a good free solution? www.avast.com home free edition.
    This is better than AVG (for now because AVG has been bought by Intel, and I
    am awaiting to see how that goes)

    Kenny www.computerboom.com
    kenny, Oct 20, 2005
  4. lotrza

    Om_Audio Guest

    The best by far is Nod32- on all fronts it is superb- try it

    Om_Audio, Oct 20, 2005
  5. lotrza

    Sarah Guest

    My NAV 12 month subscription just ran out & I haven't renewed it for all the
    same reasons. I'm trialing Kaspersky & so far it seems to be a whole lot
    Sarah, Oct 20, 2005
  6. lotrza

    Pat Guest

    Any problems removing NAV?
    Pat, Oct 20, 2005
  7. lotrza

    kenny Guest

    Norton has a removal tool somewhere on there site that cleans up the

    can you imagine? They have an uninstall option but it always leaves trash on
    the pc.
    kenny, Oct 20, 2005
  8. lotrza

    Jim Byrd Guest

    Jim Byrd, Oct 21, 2005
  9. lotrza

    Jim Byrd Guest

    Hi Lotrza - My experience - Norton/Symantec commercial stuff is very good,
    as are their specific removal tools and the virus/malware information
    including manual removal instructions available on their site. However,
    their consumer/home user stuff is notorious for interfering with other
    software, particularly installs, and particularly OS software. This appears
    to be due to the fact that it insinuates itself (apparently very poorly)
    into a large number of places within your system. For this reason, it is
    also very difficult to completely remove and can still cause problems after
    apparently normal Add-Remove uninstall attempts. (See here:
    http://basconotw.mvps.org/SymRem.htm if you ever need to completely and
    correctly unistall it.) FWIW, this is the first question I ask my clients -
    Do you have any Norton/Symantec software installed or have you recently
    tried to remove any? (The second is whether they've recently used a
    Registry Cleaner. :) )
    Jim Byrd, Oct 21, 2005
  10. Just to be contrary . . .

    Not really, thought you could use another opinion. I have been using
    Norton for years now with no problems. Yes, it is rather resource
    hungry, but assuming a fairly recent machine that shouldn't be a
    problem. I am rather careful, but I have yet to experience a virus
    infection, thank you. About 10 years of more of less continuous Norton
    use on my various machines. I did purchase one machine that was
    preloaded with MacAfee. I didn't care for it at all. I promptly replaced
    it with Norton. MacAfee probably works just fine, but I'm just
    accustomed to Norton's interface. There is something to be said for
    using what you are comfortable with.

    Of course, my opinion is worth precisely what you paid for it. I am
    notoriously stubborn. I started on the internet with Netscape, adn I
    still refuse to use Internet Explorer except under dire emergencies (a
    couple of sites I like are viewable only with IE6). I also don't like
    the newer Mozilla standalones Firefox and Thunderbird. They work just
    fine, but again my stubborn streak asserts itself and demands an
    integrated browser/mail/news suite similar to what I've been using for
    over 10 years. Just pointing out that, while not averse to (minor)
    change, I am VERY stubborn when it comes to the software I use so that
    you can judge the merit of my opinion.

    Dennis Turner, Oct 21, 2005
  11. lotrza

    Sep 13, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Avoid at all cost

    Norton is a scam. Even if you have trouble loading their software that you just purchased they will send you to India and try to sell you their Tech Service for $169. Their whole philosophy is to get you to buy then sell you something else. They took control of my system when it wouldn't load then said several minor errors were viruses (38 on a brand new computer) that would not let them log in as administrator. My user control was messed up. On logout my admisistrator function were working fine I saw them run a free virus scan (from another company) on my system and they would not leave it on logout even when I told them it was free. They wanted $169 (for 1 year) to get their tech support people fix my"problems" and install Norton. I told them what I thought got off and fixed the "problem" myself using the same free program they ran. Their software cannot even fix the Trojans from the Rogue anti virus software that has been out there for 10 years or more. Their are several fixes on the internet.
    When this license expires I will be rid of Norton forever. Suggest everyone stay away from it. Isn't it a conflict of interest to sell AV software and the service to fix stuff you should be taking care of anyway. What incentive is there to protect your code so virus developers can't figure was to get around it?
    , Sep 13, 2010
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