What is best quality photo printer out?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by WoodyMatthew3, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Most all of the Photo Printers I've used the past few years relatively print
    the same high res results. But even though the image is high quality, the
    quality in the inkjet papers I've used still need improving. Even though many
    claim "Feels like real photograph paper", they still have that chalky feel &
    still are easily scratched.

    Is there any type of printer paper that is highly resistant to scrathes (such
    as real darkroom photographic paper is)? If so, what type of printer would I
    need to use that type of paper?

    I currently have an Epson Stylus 825 & I don't think it will use any paper
    other than the chalky type.

    Any info is appreciated.

    WoodyMatthew3, Jul 20, 2003
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  2. WoodyMatthew3

    Comrade Guest

    dynamic range of ink on non-coated paper is not that good, coated paper,
    and then you can compare to coated photographic papers

    now, someone like National Geographic prints with a 150 lpi line screen,
    with no dithering, that means 8 pixels per dot, 1 for each C, M, Y, K, and
    a space between each, and you need 2x the lpi in dpi to avoid
    aritifacts below nyquist sampling, so 2*150*8=2400dpi is the resolution of
    the printer (imagesetter)

    now, inkjets I have seen are still at most 1200dpi in at least one of the
    directions, so don't expect National Geographic results

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  3. Epson 1290 can print at 2880 dpi (one direction) on premium glossy
    paper. However, a few articles in this NG suggested (if I understood
    them correctly) that this might not be genuine 2880, but some kind of
    interpolation by the printer (or something like that). Assuming that
    this "printer interpolation" theory is not entirely right, would you
    accept that the 1280/90 on premium glossy paper at 2880 dpi can equal
    National Geographic results?

    nobody nowhere, Jul 20, 2003
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