What is 16x9 Letterbox?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by help, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. help

    help Guest

    What is 16x9 Letterbox?

    I have a movie that says on the box is 16x9 Letterbox 1.85:1

    When I watch it, I get the black bars on the top and bottom.
    (Standard tv, not Hi Definition). Does this mean I purchased the
    wrong version of this movie, or is there no way to view it full
    screen? I thought all movies were viewable both ways.
    help, Dec 26, 2005
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  2. help

    Adi Guest

    That all movies was snaped in CinemaScope, VistaVision etc. movie formats.
    It's nothing wrong.
    Adi, Dec 26, 2005
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  3. help

    Large Farva Guest

    No, it means you're seeing it the way it's supposed to be seen. 'Full
    screen' hacks off the sides of the movie to fit it on a square screen so you
    miss 2/3 of the picture.
    Large Farva, Dec 26, 2005
  4. help

    Bob Guest

    Good Grief! That much?

    What does anamorphic mean in terms of size and shape?
    Bob, Dec 26, 2005
  5. help

    John Howells Guest

    Not quite. For a 1.85:1 film you lose about 28% (1.33 / 1.85) and for a
    2.35:1 film about 44% (1.33 / 2.35)
    It means that on the disk the film is 33% taller than it would be if not
    anamorphic, so the "raw" image has people tall and thin. On playback for a
    4:3 TV the player squashes the picture to 75% of its height to compensate
    (1.33 * .75 = 1) and adds the black bars. On a WS TV the "raw" image is
    expanded horizontally to the full width of the screen (16/9 / 4/3 = 1.33) so
    the picture appears normal, but without such wide black bars.

    John Howells
    John Howells, Dec 26, 2005
  6. help

    Goro Guest

    Your DVD player may have a setting for this. Some can "ZOOM" the
    picture so that it fills an SDTV. Generally, if you want a fullscreen
    image, you shoudl buy the fullscreen DVD. Personaly (and many people
    feel this way), youshould just get used to the black bars and enjoy the
    full pictue of the movie.

    Goro, Dec 26, 2005
  7. help

    Bob Guest

    I don't notice the bars after a short while, like a minute or two.
    Bob, Dec 26, 2005
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