What has happened to this newsgroup?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by nck, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. nck

    Brad Guest

    I didn't say you 'said' anything about staying or leaving yourself. I
    simply said that you are still here, so according to your analogy you must
    be stupid. Maybe you should spend less time trying to write using
    college-level words and learn to read the words most people use.
    Brad, Feb 17, 2004
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  2. Just do a search on digital and moderated.
    What is happening is people like this thread keep responding to them,
    or about them which encourages them Some one announces they are
    leaving and it's worth a 100 complaints and you've made their day.

    People just can't seem to get it through their heads the best thing
    they can do as far as on the group is completely ignore them. What
    you do off the group, or behind the scenes is entirely different.

    Until people learn that, or they problems get booted from another ISP
    it's like feeding candy to a baby. Please quite encouraging them.

    Roger Halstead (K8RI & ARRL life member)
    (N833R, S# CD-2 Worlds oldest Debonair)
    Roger Halstead, Feb 18, 2004
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  3. Filters are great. Now if we could only convince the complainers to
    keep quiet and use filters the group would go back to normal.
    They don't seem to be able to realize they are part of the problem.

    Soooo... Time to filter this thread out as well.

    Like you, I rarely see this stuff till some one starts complaining.

    Roger Halstead (K8RI & ARRL life member)
    (N833R, S# CD-2 Worlds oldest Debonair)
    Roger Halstead, Feb 18, 2004
  4. nck

    Azzz1588 Guest

    Hadnt thought about it that way, but you are right !!

    Good job :)

    "Only a Gentleman can insult me, and a true Gentleman never will..."
    Azzz1588, Feb 18, 2004
  5. nck

    Steve Young Guest

    It's a convenient world when it's everyone else's fault and you can still
    Steve Young, Feb 18, 2004
  6. nck

    Steve Young Guest

    You are *very* confused on this issue Roger
    Look at how many un-geeks responded to these threads before they were told they
    were fakes. Why not you help teach them how to parse headers? Isn't that's the
    *real* answer?

    From: "Lionel"
    Newsgroups: rec.photo.equipment.35mm,rec.photo.digital
    Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 8:22 PM EST
    Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: RPD Moderation Approved!

    From: "Steve Young"
    Newsgroups: rec.photo.digital
    Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 4:20 PM EST
    Subject: [POLL] Proposal to moderate rec.photo.digital
    Steve Young, Feb 18, 2004
  7. That's easy to fix though. Just block the offensive words, then you wont see
    the original posts or the replies.

    What would be best though is if there was some way to filter out messages
    based on the following headers which appear in all of the offensive posts


    Is there a news reader that's advanced enough to be able to filter based on
    specific headers? OE and Mozilla can only filter based on sender address or
    Eugene O'Brien, Feb 18, 2004
  8. It's 1105 GMT.

    I've just set up a kill rule for my newsreader, Turnpike, that rejects
    all news headers containing words used by the troll. The last collection
    had no items from it. Has the rule worked or is the troll inactive at
    this moment?
    Alan Bridgewater, Feb 18, 2004
  9. nck

    Charles Guest

    Yes, there are newsreaders that filter on other headers. The newsreader
    I use, Thoth, filters on "Organization" among other headers it can
    filter on, so I easily killed all the posts from

    Thoth is a Mac newsreader, but I would guess that there are PC
    newsreaders that do the same.
    Charles, Feb 19, 2004
  10. Eugene,

    I just tried it on Agent. Trouble is, Agent can only filter for
    From and Subject in newsgroups. Stupid, unnecessary limitation.

    Hans-Georg Michna, Feb 19, 2004
  11. nck

    Lionel Guest

    Kibo informs me that Hans-Georg Michna
    It's because Agent filters on the news server overview data, before
    downloading. Because (IIRC) the only headers that you can be sure of
    having in the overview are 'from', 'subject' & 'message-id', that's all
    it will filter on *before* downloading.

    Once you've downloaded the full headers from the group, [CTRL]+G & a
    search string of (for example) "{organisation.*izum.*} will select all
    the Dizum anon posts. You then delete them or mark them as read.
    Lionel, Feb 19, 2004
  12. Lionel,

    yes, I'm aware of that. Had tried it already. But it's not
    automatic enough for my taste. I'm close to switching to another
    newsreader anyway though, because of Agent's lack of full
    Unicode support. Haven't checked version 2 yet. But that's
    another matter.

    Agent would still allow to filter for the conspicuous subjects.
    Does anybody have a cut and dried Agent filter for the current

    Hans-Georg Michna, Feb 19, 2004
  13. nck

    John Navas Guest

    [POSTED TO rec.photo.digital - REPLY ON USENET PLEASE]

    In <> on Thu, 19 Feb 2004 21:35:27
    Nonetheless, it is possible to download just headers, or even specific
    headers, and thus do more complete filtering. In addition, a View Filter
    could be used to hide downloaded objectionable content except that the Agent
    syntax is so limited.
    John Navas, Feb 19, 2004
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