What Has Happened Here? Or, Comments on this Newsgroup...

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by David Oberbeck, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Greetings to the list,

    It has some time since I have read or participated on this list...
    for a lot of reasons. Most of these reasons became clear again when I
    and others answered a well-intentioned question; after which the
    thread soon became a lengthy derogatory flame-fest: armchair
    specmanship, discussions about equipment minutiae, and personal
    attacks by equally ignorant individuals who spend more time arguing
    than actually making pictures.

    Some time ago, John (attributed as books4321 at hotmail dot com)
    posted a very thought-provoking piece that I'm going to repost here.

    It is well worth reading.

    It may offend most of the readers of the list, but it is my hope
    that some - maybe just a few - will be enlightened; for those the
    resulting flaming that I will undoubtedly receive will be worth it.

    For the rest of you, stop bickering: If you don't already have one,
    get a decent camera; then go and learn how to use it well to express
    your creative vision.

    And, if you need to rant about things that don't relate to
    photography, then by all means do so - but please find another
    newsgroup to do that in.

    Meanwhile, I'm off to make some photographs - not sit in front of a
    computer. May I humbly suggest that you do the same!


    "Never ask a person who collects cameras if you can see his
    - Brooks Jensen


    Esse Quam Videri / "To be rather than to seem"
    By John (books4321 at hotmail dot com),
    2002-12-13 in rec.photo.technique.misc

    A flash in my head yesterday brought this latin motto. I realized the
    I seem to be a photographer. I read newsgroups, study equipment
    reviews, compare prices at B&H and Adorama, think about buying a new
    _______ and research it to the nth degree, can explain the difference
    between incident and ambient light metering in 10 seconds, that print
    film has more latitude than chrome, wonder if it would be interesting
    to own a MF camera in addition to my FE, n80, Coolpix 995, and SX-70,
    I could buy a MF too and then I could scan off of a flatbed and then I
    could spend months deciding which flatbed to buy, or what if I had a

    About three months ago, I quit reading the photography magazines that
    are vendor ads for the last 50% of the issue. I started reading mags
    like Lensworks. Mostly pictures and interviews. Usually you don't even
    know what type of equipment is used unless every images is square and
    you guess it is a 6x6. I realized that I have spent 98% of my time as
    a seeming photographer, NOT taking pictures. Instead I am thinking
    about equipment upgrades, etc. I had an Ansco tlr, Miranda slr, K1000,
    Canon FTb, Minolta X-700, and others. Each bought because it would
    make me a better photographer, but the time spent was in finding the
    next best camera system, rather than taking and processing more
    images. Today I was thinking about an F4. Yeah, that's the ticket.

    I realized lately that those working in photography, those with fire
    in their bellies, don't read much because they are too busy doing
    something. This is true generally. New year's resolution: to be. To
    read when I have question, but then to return to being. Thanks for the
    place for my angst and its resolution. I am unsubbing and going out to
    shoot some film/pixels. If you have the same problem, you can come

    By NOT photographying I avoid the likelihood that my photos might be
    crap or at least start out as crap and having to work to figure out if
    I can make interesting images or not. There is little risk in
    equipment hounding, other than the scary sales people in NYC. Off to
    confront my demons and come back with some images. Thanks for the

    David Oberbeck, Apr 9, 2004
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  2. David Oberbeck

    Webkatz Guest

    Bless you.
    Webkatz, Apr 9, 2004
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