What grease goes inside (Nikon) lenses?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by mike anderson, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. I have a Nikon Series E 75-150mm lens with a loose zoom collar. The
    way to fix the loose collar is to replace the grease inside the lens.
    Does anybody know what type of grease the manufactures use for this
    and where I might find it?

    Any help would be most appreciated,
    mike anderson, Apr 25, 2006
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  2. mike anderson

    Davy Guest

    On video mechanisms I use Molykote from Dow Corning, it's a whit
    paste that can be used on plastic and metal assemblies, it neve
    seems to dry hard like some I have come across

    I refer to it as paste becuase it does feel slippery and not kind
    sticky, are you sure it's and not a oil or fluid with a hig
    viscosity....? Like they use on a record player pick up arm t
    'slow' the raising and lowering action so that it won't drop like
    lead weight

    Davy, Apr 25, 2006
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  3. mike anderson

    Newshound Guest

    There are lots of Molykotes, but this is probably one of the white "food"
    greases. It is likely to have a silicone oil in it. An alternative if you
    can get it in the US is an Apiezon grease which is used on vacuum systems
    and glass stopcocks in laboratory glassware. Some of these are quite a bit
    "stiffer" than "machinery" greases so might be more effective in this
    application. They don't dry out because they have a very low vapour pressure
    and also don't absorb much water.
    Newshound, Apr 25, 2006
  4. mike anderson

    Davy Guest

    I got the stuff for a specific video repair job as per service manual
    and stuck to it ever since.

    Molykote DX Paste, Mineral oil, Lithium soap, White solid lubricants
    & Corrosion inhibitor.... -25C to 125C degrees, all from their

    Wonder why no contents on box nor tube..?

    Gosh.. there's ton's of the stuff, not just a few different ones. It
    come's in a big box, a small tube and...... it ain't cheap.

    Davy, Apr 26, 2006
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