What does MCNGP stand for?

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Jonathan Adams, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Jonathan Adams

    Jtyc Guest

    Well, except for Jtyc. He is employed, AIUI, by some gov't department in
    Well.. it's better than a previous job where I had to set fire to said poop
    then stir it with an engineering stake.

    *not kidding*
    Jtyc, Jun 7, 2005
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  2. Jonathan Adams

    Briscobar Guest


    You *burned feces*? For *science*?!

    Incredible. Brings new meaning to "where can i find dumps".


    KB - MCNGP "silent thug" #26

    Briscobar AT gmail DOT com

    MCNGP members will fix your car, free of charge. Ask us about it at
    Briscobar, Jun 7, 2005
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  3. Jonathan Adams

    CBIC Guest

    Were you a cavalry scout in the army too?
    CBIC, Jun 7, 2005
  4. Jonathan Adams

    Guest Guest

    It's childish to call people childish and jerks, you jerk.
    Guest, Jun 7, 2005
  5. Jonathan Adams

    Guest Guest

    Then you're seriously stupid, because I've worked for numerous respectable
    companies. Also, I'll remind you that it's childish to call people jerks,
    you stupid childish jerk.

    Microcephalic S. Bob
    Guest, Jun 7, 2005
  6. Jonathan Adams

    Guest Guest

    I vote for the Tough Hermaphrodite Emu.
    Guest, Jun 7, 2005
  7. Jonathan Adams

    Guest Guest

    See ya, you piece of refuse! We don't want your come.
    Guest, Jun 7, 2005
  8. Jonathan Adams

    Jtyc Guest

    Were you a cavalry scout in the army too?

    Anti-tank assault man in the Marines.
    Jtyc, Jun 7, 2005
  9. Jonathan Adams

    Jtyc Guest

    You *burned feces*? For *science*?!

    I wouldn't really call it an experiment...

    Although I did repeat it at least 3 times.

    Same results each time. Smelly charred ash at the bottom.
    Jtyc, Jun 7, 2005
  10. Jonathan Adams

    CBIC Guest

    I was too big of a pu$$y to join the Corp. Looking back I wish I had though.
    You have my respect. OOH RAH.
    CBIC, Jun 7, 2005
  11. Jonathan Adams

    meanoldman Guest

    Of course not. I work for the media.
    meanoldman, Jun 8, 2005
  12. Jonathan Adams

    Guest Guest

    Somebody frame this one.
    Guest, Jun 11, 2005
  13. Jonathan Adams

    JaR Guest

    In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse, <!-- The F-Word --> <? echo "General
    'Kay, you distract him, an' I'll plant the gun under his chair!
    JaR, Jun 13, 2005
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