what do you think about DLink?

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by djc, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. djc

    djc Guest

    I have had experience with the following DLink devices:
    DI-774 multiband wireless router
    DI-614 g router (i think)
    DWL-2000AP g access point.

    All Sucked so bad I am disgusted. Dlink's support were idiots... most of my
    issues were about WPA which they claim works, even on the box, but it
    doesn't. I became so frustrated I don't even use them anymore... they have
    like 20 different models all with the same name so any poor schmoo off the
    street who is told to go pick up a g650 wirelless adapter will have no idea
    that the one he may pick is completely different than the one he was
    supposed to get. It seems to me that DLink is rushing this crap to market
    WAY before its actually ready..

    just thought I would post to see other's experience with DLink during the
    last year... only during the last year. I used to have success with them.
    Its only during the last year and only with wireless equipment. I will NEVER
    buy ANYTHING Dlink again though.
    djc, Jul 13, 2004
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  2. djc

    Borgholio Guest

    My experience has been the exact opposite. I love Dlink. They've always
    worked fine with me, and their support was excellent. I don't know what you
    mean when you say "20 different models, all with the same name". Every
    single D-link product has a unique name and can be easily distinguished from
    other models. If you're referring to different revisions of the same
    product (version 1, version 2, etc...) well that's normal for just about
    every hardware manufacturer out there.
    Borgholio, Jul 13, 2004
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  3. djc

    hawk Guest

    Well, I have four D-Link products and all work perfectly out of the
    box. Two routers, 614+ and 624 and 650 wireless PC card and the 301+
    print server.

    hawk, Jul 14, 2004
  4. djc

    Jack Guest

    There is No D-Link, Linksys, SMC, Netgear etc. Good or Bad.
    It Depends on the model, each Brand has winner and loser products - overall,
    they're about the same.
    As for service: The only one that had something that might be called
    service for Entry Level Network Hardware was Microsoft, but unfortunately MS
    is now out of this segment of the business.
    Otherwise to use words like service, and or customer support as related to
    Entry Level Network Hardware is a "Poor Joke", and it is applying to all the

    As for current state of Wireless:

    Jack (MVP-Networking).
    Jack, Jul 14, 2004
  5. djc

    TW Guest

    I have used Dlink DI 514, DI624, DP311P, and DWL-G520. They ALL play
    together nice.

    Excellent products if you ask me.

    As for tech support, your better off learning the technology and trouble
    shooting it your self. There are many sites that will walk you through
    setting up a network and/or wireless, you just have to search them out.
    TW, Jul 14, 2004
  6. djc

    djc Guest

    I would never run any wireless router or ap in an 'out of the box'
    configuration... my problems were mostly surrounding WPA and my frustration
    was with all the different HW versions and in my experience, completely
    unknowledgable support.

    My main point about the hardware versions are that a DLink representative
    will simply tell you (this happened to me) that model dwl-g650 does in fact
    support WPA... then in the store every box looks the same, its a dwl-g650,
    execpt the little barcode on the back listing HW version and FW version...
    and there are actually several different ones AND they DON'T all support
    WPA. I just checked a well known ecommerce site as well and if your shopping
    online, good luck even getting those HW and FW numbers! they were not
    available on www.newegg.com. PLUS, I left out the fact that even the HW and
    FW numbers that do NOT support WPA STILL SAY THEY SUPPORT WPA ON THE BOX!
    This is inarguably horrible.

    I appreciate the feedback none-the-less. I'm glad to hear others have had
    success with D-Link. I will add though that just about any of them will run
    out-of-the-box with no config changes.... I don't ever reccomend doing that
    for security reasons. And yes, even at home, its very important... do you
    value your identity or is it ok to have someone snoop on all your
    activities... getting info that could lead to identity theft?

    thanks again for the replies... I'll still be taking my business elsewhere.
    djc, Jul 14, 2004
  7. djc

    djc Guest

    good points.
    djc, Jul 14, 2004
  8. djc

    djc Guest

    unfortunately the case that has lead to my disappointment with DLink is not
    a matter of simple wireless network configuration. That I am very
    comfortable with. But I agree, its better to just learn yourself rather that
    call someone who won't be able to answer you unless your question/problem is
    sitting in front of them in a current knowledge base. I think their only
    requirement is that they can read. ; )

    thanks for the reply.. I'm glad your experience was a good one.
    djc, Jul 14, 2004
  9. djc

    Kenny S Guest

    A DLINK PCMCIA wireless card I tried hanged the laptop when trying to
    the support was a bunch of idiots who know nothing about their own products!

    Kenny S
    FREE programs and MORE!
    Kenny S, Jul 16, 2004
  10. djc

    Gary R. Guest

    I've used their NIC's and they were fine, and a wireless NIC which seems
    just OK. However, I bought a DI-524 wireless router to put on my
    father-in-law's new DSL connection. My own Belkin wireless b router had
    been excellent, but I found a good price on the Dlink g so thought I'd get
    it for him.

    Bad mistake. It was a clue when I followed connection directions exactly,
    and the WAN light didn't come on as it was supposed to. Finally, with some
    tinkering, it came on and seemed OK. An hour later I got a call that it had
    quit; resetting didn't work, bypassing the router was the only way he got it
    working. I checked Dlink's website and got little help, a bios update that
    it said was necessary (for DSL to work on a new model router???) The next
    day I basically repeated what I'd done and eventually got it hooked, but
    this time waited around.

    A little later, sure enough the connection was dead and defied reconnection.
    I packed it up and returned it, exchanging it for a Belkin like mine. Today
    I went to his house, installed the Belkin in a matter of minutes (the
    install program detected all the settings necessary and it worked perfectly)
    and it's been up and running since.

    It may have been a bad unit or model, and/or I may not have had a setting
    somewhere right, but I followed instructions and it failed miserably; the
    last thing he needs is to have to fool with the equipment all the time.
    Needless to say, another Dlink router is not on my shopping list.

    Gary R., Jul 19, 2004
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