What do I do with USB drive?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Julie Bove, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Julie Bove

    Julie Bove Guest

    I have a wireless router. That's all I know.
    Well that was what my original question was.

    Julie Bove, Jan 17, 2010
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  2. You're welcome, just a couple of points,

    You have a wireless router and at least one wireless computer to connect to

    You didn't say what operating system (XP, Vista, or Windows 7) was running,
    and I assume the netbook is running XP. But whatever, I suppose it's not
    really very important ... What you need is a friend or relative or coworker
    to come over and help you establish a workgroup (network) with the machines
    in your home. If you have a wireless router AND it's not running in a
    secured mode, you might have "broadband deadbeats" piggy-backing on your
    Internet connection for the free ride that you are paying for.

    The router can be securred with an encryption code (10 digits in a range of
    0 - 9 plus A - F) that keeps the deadbeats at bay. It is recommended by all
    that you secure your router.

    The workgroup (network) established in your home will allow your daughter to
    print out her homework using a network resource that already exists, the
    only downside is that the PC that the printer is connected to has to be on
    for the printer to be visible across the network. Having said that, the
    machine has to be on to print from it, so there really is no downside in the
    grand scheme of things. The upside is that your daughter can do here work on
    her own computer, then print when she needs to and not have the hassle of
    saving locally, then saving to the flash drive, then taking the drive
    downstairs to open Word just so she can open the file and print it. And, the
    files stored ont he flash drive are remembered by Word in the Recent Files
    List, but if the flash drive isn't present, then Word can get a little bit
    pissy and develop an attitude. The workgroup avoids all of this.

    If you have a workgroup, then she can use the scanner feature to scan stuff,
    save it to a shared drive (public folder), then go back to here own machine
    and access the file to paste into her project. (You might not know all of
    this stuff, but you can be sure your kids knows almost all of it.)

    The flash drive is certainly a workable solution to getting your daughter's
    projects to the printer, but setting up a newtork is far more advantageous,
    and if you get a friend to do it, it can be accomplished in just a few
    minutes while you guys enjoy a glass of your favorite grape juice. It sounds
    as if you have all of the hardware -- another computer, a printer connected
    to it, and a router -- and Windows supplies the software application to make
    the network operate, so you have everything you need but the expertise to
    make it happen.

    If you have a neighbor with teenagers, those kids can likely do this for
    you. It's a bit spooky having the neighbor kid working on your computer, so
    choose well.
    Jeff Strickland, Jan 17, 2010
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  3. Julie Bove

    Julie Bove Guest

    It is running in a secure mode. My brother installed it and he's a busy
    programmer. Too busy to come over here and help. That's why I asked here.
    It is.
    That is one reason why I don't want to do it. I have a very small computer
    desk and while the printer may be on at all times, it is invariably piled
    high with papers and things. This all has to be cleared away before we can
    print. And truly we do not print things very often. For someone to not be
    right next to the printer and using it would be dangerous in this house!
    No. I only have the one kid and she seems to know very little about
    computers except to play games online.
    None of my friends know anything about computers except for one who is a
    programmer and doesn't live anywhere near me.
    Nope. None around here.
    Julie Bove, Jan 17, 2010
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