What ATA do I need to make work with Voipcheap and others?

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by OM, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. OM

    OM Guest

    I want to use Voipcheap and others with an ATA.
    I assume an ATA = device that lets you use your ordinary phone with
    VOIP providers.

    Is there a special ATA that I need to use for Voipcheap type providers?

    I've searched eBay... and there doesn't seem to be a big selection
    available at all.
    Why is this...?
    I thought this would be a very popular thing.

    I also want to use the ATA with my Skype account if possible.


    OM, Jul 30, 2006
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  2. OM

    Nick Guest

    You have searchered thoroughly?
    They are.
    You can't, totally differerant protocol.
    Your welcome.
    Nick, Jul 30, 2006
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  3. OM

    Brian Guest

    That is reasonable working definition of an ATA.
    VoIPCheap, as I expect you have read, uses SIP so you will need an ATA
    which speaks that protocol. Sipura, Linksys, Fritz!Box and Grandstream
    are some of the devices sold in the UK.
    Perhaps the product names above will help you narrow down your search.
    www.voiptalk.org, www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk and www.sipgate.co.uk also
    stock selections of SIP phones and ATAs and might be more informative
    than eBay.
    You cannot directly interface an ATA speaking SIP to the Skype network
    as it uses an incompatible protocol.

    Brian, Jul 31, 2006
  4. OM

    Brian A Guest

    All the above perfectly good advice.

    It may not be obvious to you but you can effectively connect to all
    the telephone handsets you have in your house from an ATA.
    The REN is typically 5.

    Additionally, you need to look at you set up and, based on that,
    decide which type of ATA you want to use.

    1. Do you have a router?
    If yes then virtually any ATA will do as your ATA will plug into the
    If no then you will have to choose a type that will interface betwen
    your broadband router and your computer. Look at some Grandstream
    models for example.

    If buying a new router look for one that has 'QoS' (Quality of
    Service) on it.

    Some routers also have VoIP sockets on them so you don't need an ATA.
    I have a personal preference for having a separate ATA but that is a
    matter of choice.

    2. Do you want to use your BT or TW line on the same set of handsets
    as your VoIP?
    If yes you need an ATA with this facility - e.g. Linksys/Sipura

    3. Do you need more than one incoming VoIP line?
    If yes you'll need to choose an appropriate ATA to facilitate this.

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    Brian A, Jul 31, 2006
  5. OM

    Moonshine Guest

    Mines available...

    Moonshine, Jul 31, 2006
  6. OM

    OM Guest

    Thanks for ALL the replies.
    For a complete newbie... it's really really helpful.

    Erm... sorry... but what is REN?
    I'll make sure I look out for this.
    Yes... definitely would like to continue using existing telephone line.
    I'm with Bulldog.
    Does this matter?
    Erm... heck... I didn't know you could have this!
    Yes... I would like this!!
    Are there any keywords I need to look out for to have this facility?
    OM, Jul 31, 2006
  7. Thus spaketh OM:



    Ringer Equivalence Number

    It matters for the fact that you need to choose an ATA that has that
    facility, some like the excellent PAP2 is VoIP service only.

    You can have numerous lines and numbers, I have Birmingham numbers,
    London Numbers, Manchester numbers and many other major area codes, also
    have a German number, USA number, Italian number, Romanian numbers and
    {{{{{Welcome}}}}}, Aug 1, 2006
  8. OM

    Brian A Guest

    There is a REN attributed to each approved analogue phone that you
    buy. Check that out in the instruction manual you get with the phone.
    It is typically 1 but it can be more. You need to add all the RENs
    together for the phones you are connecting and ensure that they don't
    exceed the REN specification for your ATA. A good idea is to use a set
    of cordless phones then you only have a small REN for, potentially,
    lots of handsets.
    You can use such ATAs as the PAP2 but be very careful not to choose
    one that is locked to Vonage. Aslo, personally, I'd avoid buying one
    on Ebay - why ? because it probably was previously locked to Vonage -
    someone has unlocked it - you set it back to factory settings
    and....you could well be locked to Vonage again. Stick to somewhere
    like www.broadbandstuff.co.uk
    The SPA-1001 permits 2 incoming voip 'lines' to one output - but
    doesn't permit connection of a landline. www.voipfone.co.uk sells
    A PAP2 will permit 2 voip lines with seperate outputs BUT does NOT
    incorporate your landline as well. It also doesn't, directly permit a
    number of outgoing providers as does the SPA-3000. This is why you
    have to choose your ATA carefully according to your needs. There is a
    NEW ATA out now which looks like an upgrade of the SPA-3000 - I think
    that I saw it on voipfone's newsletter - check out their web site
    (www.voipfone.co.uk)See what I have wriiten above. It is difficult to achieve all that you
    might want with a single ATA but it is possible, once you have got the
    hang of things, to link into other services to permit more incoming
    and outgoing lines even though your ATA doesn't do this directly.
    Personally, if you definitely want to use your bulldog line, I'd go
    for an SPA-3000 or similar.
    Just checkout what is available on www.sipura.com (linksys and sipura
    are one of the same- You can get an SPA-3000 under both names)
    Then check out prices.
    Also checkout Fritzbox (Ivor likes those) and, perhaps, Grandstream.

    For VSPs check out
    voip.co.uk - for good priced UK residential calls.

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    Brian A, Aug 1, 2006
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