What anti-virus shipped w/Windows 2000?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by sbmike, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. sbmike

    sbmike Guest

    My teacher let us know one of the questions on an upcoming test.

    What anti-virus is shipped with Windows 2000 Pro.

    1.. Norton
    2.. McAfee
    3.. Symantec
    4.. Can't remember the name

    Can't find any thing in my books or on the web. Any help?
    sbmike, Oct 22, 2004
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  2. sbmike

    Rudy Lopez Guest

    I didn't think that MS bundled any AV software with Win2K. It usually
    depends on the vendor you bought it from and what they pre-loaded at
    the factory.

    FWIW Norton AV came bundled with my Barebones PC kit which I loaded
    Windows 2000 Pro onto. They work pretty well together.

    I also use Norton Personal Firewall 2003.
    Rudy Lopez, Oct 22, 2004
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  3. sbmike

    chris Guest


    No copy of windows, any flavor shipped with an antivirus suite (That I Know

    chris, Oct 22, 2004
  4. Yes, my guess is that the teacher is doing an out of season "Sloof
    Lirpa". See below...

    Spell it backwards. :)
    Tom MacIntyre, Oct 22, 2004
  5. sbmike

    Jeremy Guest

    I'm pretty sure that no version of Windows has included an anti-virus
    since 3.11(I think it came with Microsoft Anti-virus). What I'm not
    sure of is whether or not the teacher knows this. What kind of teacher
    is it? An A+ instructor, a high school English teacher, a college
    CompSci professor?

    If they're not a computer teacher or a computer teacher in a public
    school my guess would be that their last computer came bundled with a
    copy of Norton and they now think that it comes as part of Windows. You
    may or may not be able to educate them otherwise.

    On the other hand, they might be pulling your leg after all. "I can't
    remember the name" is not the right answer either way.


    Jeremy, Oct 23, 2004
  6. You need a 5th answer, "None of the above".

    Microsoft Windows 2000 did *not* ship with any anti-virus software included.

    Some system manufacturers may have decided to bundle additional software
    while selling PC's, but Microsoft never included anything like that with
    Windows 2000 Professional.

    I've been using W2KPro since RC2 and the Direct Access HOT Kit time.
    Kinda wish they'd bring that program back again.......

    John P. Dearing, Oct 23, 2004
  7. Both DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 included Microsoft Anti-Virus version 1.
    Andy Barkl [MVP], Oct 23, 2004
  8. sbmike

    sbmike Guest

    The test is Wednesday and I will post the test answer.

    sbmike, Oct 24, 2004
  9. Thereby violating the NDA?

    Tom MacIntyre, Oct 24, 2004
  10. sbmike

    sbmike Guest

    What a NDA?

    sbmike, Oct 26, 2004
  11. sbmike

    G W Guest

    G W, Oct 27, 2004
  12. sbmike

    GWB Guest

    Your talking about AVBoot
    GWB, Oct 31, 2004
  13. sbmike

    sbmike Guest

    Sorry I didn’t get back sooner but had to leave town for a few days. The
    question was “What anti-virus is shipped with Windows 2000 Pro?” The
    1.. Norton
    2.. McAfee
    3.. Symantec
    4.. AVBoot… the one I couldn’t remember.

    And of course “the one I couldn’t remember” was the one. I challenged the
    teacher and he agreed to double check it and get back to the class. And I
    will get back to the group.

    sbmike, Nov 1, 2004
  14. sbmike

    GWB Guest

    Your instructor is correct it is AVBoot
    GWB, Nov 1, 2004
  15. sbmike

    John Dearing Guest

    BOY, do *I* feel stupid!!

    Went and checked the Windows 2000 Professional disk one last time and
    sure enough, in the \VALUEADD\3RDPARTY\CA_ANTIV folder of the CD there
    is a program from Computer Accociates called AVBOOT.

    Quoting from the README.TXT file

    Computer Associates International

    InoculateIT AntiVirus AVBoot V1.1

    The purpose of this utility is to
    1. Detect and Remove Boot Sector Viruses
    2. Detect and Remove Memory Resident Viruses

    This program will load the file VIRBOOT.DAT, the signature file for
    memory residence viruses and boot sector viruses.
    It will then scan the machine's memory, master boot record and boot
    sectors on all physical disks installed.

    Further quoting from the README.TXT

    This program should not be used under the Windows 2000 operating system.
    Windows 2000 blocks any access of the Boot Sector and Master Boot Record.
    Instead, insert your virus-free boot disk into drive A and reboot your PC.
    The AVBoot utility will run automatically, (under the MS-DOS operating
    system) providing the option to detect and cure any viruses that might
    have infected your system.

    So, while it's true that Windows 2000 *did* ship with an Antivirus
    program, it was only a virus scanner/remover and not what we
    traditionally think of as a full protection antivirus program. It could
    only be used from a floppy drive and was only intended for occasional
    virus remediation purposes.

    My apologies to the original poster and the group for passing along bad
    information. I should know better.--

    John Dearing, Nov 2, 2004
  16. sbmike

    the yeti Guest

    OK, so we have learned somthing here. Now, the question is:

    Is this AV worth anything?

    I personally have never seen a boot sector virus. Correct me if I am
    wrong, but wouldn't a win9x boot floppy and fdisk /mbr accomplish the
    same thing?

    Boot from the Win2k CD and type Fixboot?
    the yeti, Nov 2, 2004
  17. sbmike

    AG Guest

    I'm ahead of you I've see one boot sector virus. It was about 7 years ago
    and this lady brought in an old computer...
    They aren't common because they are so destructive.

    AG, Nov 2, 2004
  18. I forget the exact reason, but there is sometimes a problem with doing
    this, if I remember correctly.

    Tom MacIntyre, Nov 2, 2004
  19. sbmike

    the yeti Guest

    Again - how can somthing that destroys the boot sector be all that

    Boot fromn the CD, run fixboot.
    Dos floppy fdisk /mbr
    install Lilo
    install Grub
    install GAG

    Seems to me that Lycos Side search, Bulls Eye Network and or Claria is
    much more dangerous that a wimpy MBR virus.

    As a matter of fact, I'll go out on a limb here and say that I'd
    rather fix 30 maching with a MBR virus vs. 10 spyware infested

    Now somthing that destroys the NTFS.sys file, that sucks. A corrupter
    ..\$mft file, that sucks.

    Even if your NTLDR file is missing you can just copy it over from
    another machine,
    the yeti, Nov 5, 2004
  20. sbmike

    AG Guest

    They usually destroy the FAT table on the drive. That makes it hard to run
    any of the usual data recovery tools. No Fat table no data.

    AG, Nov 5, 2004
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