Westell 327W sees SSID but won't reconnect

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by cansubaykan, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. cansubaykan

    cansubaykan Guest

    I have 2 wired desktops and 1 wireless laptop connecting to the
    network. My DSL internet connection does not go down, my wired desktops
    are fine and connected to the network.

    I have the wireless set up with a 128-bit WEP key, Open System. I have
    set up the laptop with the same profile and it automatically connects
    to my network when I turn it on. It reconnects automatically when I
    reboot the laptop. However, after the laptop has been off for several
    hours (overnight or during work hours while I'm away), I turn it on and
    it says "unable to connect to your preferred network" or something

    It sees my network in the list of available wireless networks, but it
    will not connect (either automatically or by telling it to connect).
    The only way to reconnect has been to take these steps:

    Go to the router web interface through a wired desktop, and re-enter
    the WEP key (13 character string for 128bits) and re-enter that same
    key in my laptop. It is as if the router 'forgets' its WEP key and I
    have to set it up again.

    I have 802.1x authentication turned off on the laptop (I know that
    causes disconnects)

    I have read many suggestions here about dealing with similar but
    different problems. Changing the channel from 6 to something else,
    turning on '4x support' and/or MAC filtering (these are disabled - I
    don't know what they do).

    I am debating whether or not to cancel Verizon DSL and go back to more
    expensive Comcast cable.

    Please help, this is very annoying. It is not easy to reproduce the
    problem because it happens about half the time. I have to reset the WEP
    key on the router and the laptop everyday. Internet connection through
    wired computers is fine. Thanks!
    cansubaykan, Jul 21, 2005
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  2. cansubaykan

    Clark Guest

    Which configuration utility are you using to set up your laptop, the windows
    one or the supplied utility for the wireless adapter.

    Do you allow the different devices to "generate" the key or do you enter it

    Can you not use WAP yet?

    Are you broadcasting the SSID, or do you have a profile set up for it in
    your laptop?

    Clark, Jul 21, 2005
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  3. cansubaykan

    Pen Guest

    What would changing to Cable from DSL prove? Your problem is
    with the
    wireless portion of your local network, not with the
    internet connection.
    Why is authentication turned off?
    Can you change to WPA?. It's better than WEP and has fewer
    setup pitfalls.
    Pen, Jul 21, 2005
  4. You can use WPA-PSK if you AP supports that, you don't need to turn on 1x
    authentication.WPA/WPA-PSK(pre-shared key, which is for home use, since WPA
    needs an authentication server which in most cases,
    home users won't have it.) provide stronger security.
    As to your previous problem, have you tried reconfigure your AP only?(use
    the same wep key). Ff that does work, means that you have problem with you
    AP not your client, you probably want to update your AP firmare from the
    provider's website.
    Also you can just turn off your AP and turn it back in a few seconds if this
    happens again.
    Yi Chen [MSFT], Jul 22, 2005
  5. cansubaykan

    cansubaykan Guest

    The modem/router (Westell Versalink 327W) was part of the deal with
    Verizon's DSL promotion. When I called Verizon's tech support and
    explained this problem the first time, I had the same WEP security
    setup except Shared Key instead of Open System. The tech told me that
    they instruct people to set up their wireless network with Open System
    WEP, and if you want to use any other features of the router (e.g. WPA
    security or Shared Key WEP, etc) then you are on your own. They don't
    extend their support for anything more complicated. At that time I
    changed from Shared Key WEP to an Open System WEP (128 bit), and waited
    for a couple of days. Then the problem happened again.

    This problem has not happened in the last day, but it is hard to
    reproduce because it takes a whole day of inactivity to invoke , and it
    occurs half the time.

    I don't know what the difference is between WPA and WEP. Have you ever
    heard of the router "forgetting" its WEP setup? If that is a problem
    inherent in WEP, then I could try WPA.

    Also, is it possible that the wireless card built into my laptop may
    have any limitations? I had been using a WEP setup with my cable modem
    + netgear router for about a year. Everytime the netgear was
    broadcasting, my laptop would pick up the signal and connect. This
    problem is different: laptop sees the router broadcasting (SSID is
    visible in "list of available wireless networks") and does not connect.
    Automatically or explicitly.

    cansubaykan, Jul 22, 2005
  6. cansubaykan

    Quaoar Guest

    Google for winsockxpfix.exe. This will repair layered services and
    *might* fix the problem. Also, disable "automatically connect to
    non-preferred networks, enable access point (infrastructure) networks
    only. Make sure that only one of wireless zero config or the westell
    utility are running.

    Quaoar, Jul 26, 2005
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