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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Justin, Mar 3, 2004.

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    X-Files, The - Price Reduction on ALL Season Sets!
    Posted by David Lambert

    First, The Actual Hot on the heels of Fox's official announcement for The X-Files - The
    Complete 9th Season, comes word from the studio of price reductions on
    all 8 previously released season sets. They are all going to be marked
    down to match the recently-announced price for the Season 9 package, so
    that every season of The X-Files will be available at the new lower
    price. On May 11, 2004, Fox Home Entertainment will reduce the list
    price of every one of these to $99.98 (US$)/$139.98 (CAN$)!!

    Now, A Bit Of History:
    Appropriate timing, since May 11th is the street date for the final
    season of The X-Files, which was the first series to ever come out on
    DVD in season-length gift sets. Season 1 arrived back in May 2000, and
    ever since then, in six-month intervals, Fox has faithfully released a
    new season set. X-fans have been able to count on May and November as
    the months to get excited about for releases during the past four years.

    Being a pioneer in the season set business, Fox didn't know what to
    charge at first for such an enormous 7-DVD set. A lot of factors must
    have been kicked around, including show costs, manufacturing costs for
    such a set (certainly higher at the time that this first was put
    together), any piece of the home video pie that cast may have had
    written into their contracts, distribution costs, marketing costs, etc.
    In the end, Fox worked up an SRP of $149.98 (US$)/$179.98 (CAN$) for
    these releases. And fans have happily purchased at these prices, putting
    the home video industry on the road to TV-on-DVD season sets as one of
    the biggest types of sellers in the market.

    As the series wound down on DVD toward it's last few seasons, fans
    started voicing the opinion that the once-acceptable suggested retail
    price was now feeling a bit high. After all, fans said, the series
    wasn't quite as enjoyable at the end, especially with the
    coming-and-going of popular star David Duchovny. Moreover, as the
    TV-on-DVD category exploded, list prices on season sets scaled
    drastically downward, with SRPs in the $60-$80 range being quite common
    and under-$50 SRPs for season sets being findable on a regular basis.

    Finally, A Bit Of An Editorial:
    We here at TVShowsOnDVD.com are quick to point out that many of those
    less-expensive season sets are quite different than what you get forThe
    X-Files: it's an hour-long show, with 20-25 episodes each season, very
    extensive supplements, video and audio quality you can absolutely count
    on, and a nice set of packaging to put on your shelf. But we also agree
    that it's time to come down out of the 3-digit SRP range on this set of

    Fox, as it turns out, seems to agree. So look forward to a lower SRP of
    $99.98 in the US, and that means discounted "street" prices that ought
    to scale drastically downward (probably under $80 easily, and thrifty
    shoppers can probably find them for $65-$75 with a bit more effort).

    We know that there will always be a group of people who react to great
    news like this as if it were bad those folks who purchased this
    stuff at the higher prices and now feel gypped that they didn't wait.
    This reporter paid those higher prices, too, for every single season
    set, and can identify. But those are the breaks; Fox has no real
    alternative to make those complainers happy other than to never lower
    the prices on these sets. And that's not realistic, is it?

    Most fans will be pleased, though. If you haven't managed to collect
    every season set released, then mid-May is the time to do it. Start
    saving your pennies, because on May 11th the prices are down there...and
    the truth is still out there!
    Justin, Mar 3, 2004
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