Welcome to the upgraded Velocity Reviews!

Discussion in 'Announcements, Suggestions and Feedback' started by Ian, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Hello and welcome to the upgraded Velocity Reviews!

    It was time for an upgrade on the old forum software, so we've moved from vBulletin to xenForo, which I hope you like! This new software is much easier to work with on mobile devices, as well as coming with plenty of other improvements (primarily easier attachment uploading, notifications, auto-save of posts, etc...).

    All of the old links should work fine and you'll automatically be re-directed to the new URLs. We've got plenty more improvements to come :D.

    We moved the coding sections to a new domain (www.thecodingforums.com) as it is important to keep the focus of this site on hardware. Anyone who made a post in the coding section has been sent an e-mail with the details, as we've migrated all of the post data over. As with this site, all of the old URLs will automatically redirect.

    Hope you like the new look!
    Ian, Jun 19, 2014
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