Weird video/display problem.

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jamie, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie Guest


    Forgive me for the rather vague subject line; I don't really know how to
    classify this problem at all.

    Here's what's going on: I was using a 1024x768 resolution. After switching
    which drive I boot from (a whole 'nother problem--long story), the computer
    seems to think it's got more area than that. For instance, I took a
    screenshot a few days ago which showed not only all the viewable screen I
    see, but also added some of the desktop wallpaper off to the left side of
    it. I didn't really think anything about it at the time, but I've noticed
    since then that certain screensavers do weird things--the 'explode' one will
    have the little ball float off to the left and disappear for 75% of the time
    it's running. 'Starfield' isn't centered in the middle of the screen--the
    center is off to the left. Incidentally, I got a new monitor (tax refund,
    heh) and had to reinstall and update all my video drivers. Still having the
    problem. My screen res is now set to 1280x768, but when I take a
    screenshot, the size is 2080x768, with desktop wallpaper tacked onto the
    left side.

    Okay, that's the description, here's the setup: XP Home SP2, ATI Radeon
    9250... um... I don't know what else you might need, but if you'll let me
    know, I'll get it to you.

    Thank you!

    Jamie, Feb 21, 2008
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  2. Jamie

    Paul Guest

    What does the Catalyst Control Center show for the monitor configuration ?
    Mine shows room for two monitors, with the second monitor grayed out (since
    I only have one monitor). Is your video card claiming two monitors
    are connected ? Perhaps you're in some kind of "span mode" for
    two monitors.

    CCC is an icon at the bottom of my screen, but can also be accessed from
    the Display control panel.

    Paul, Feb 22, 2008
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  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    What does the Catalyst Control Center show for the monitor configuration?

    Hi, Paul.

    The CCC shows that I've got room for 3 monitors; two were 'active' and one
    grayed out (I also only have one monitor). The one that wasn't grayed out
    is apparently for the original video card the computer came with, which was
    integrated onto the mother board and no longer has a monitor attached to it.
    I disabled it and that seems to have taken care of the problem! Thank you
    SO much!

    (On a side note... would it be okay to uninstall the old card through
    Add/Remove programs, since it's on the mother board, or would the computer
    just detect it again?)

    Thank you again!

    Jamie, Feb 22, 2008
  4. Jamie

    Paul Guest

    While you could remove all ATI related material, and reinstall the driver,
    it is up to you whether you want to mess with something that is working :)

    The proper procedure for handling video cards, regardless of whether
    they're the same brand or not.

    1) Remove old video card driver first. (If you happened to reboot at this point,
    rather than just shutting down, then a default VGA driver should be used
    by the OS automatically. The proof would be a limited display resolution
    like 640x480 or 800x600.)
    2) Shut down computer and unplug. Unscrew old card. Install new card. Power up.
    Initially, you'll be at 640x480 or 800x600.
    3) Install new video card driver. Since a previous video card was already
    working, you probably already have the necessary chipset drivers and
    DirectX installed. Some new video cards will install additional packages
    (.NET and more recent DirectX) at their own discretion.
    4) After final reboot, you should have new resolution options and a custom
    control panel of some sort, for setting up the video card.
    5) Don't take drivers from Windows Update. If you want a newer driver,
    download from Nvidia or ATI, or from your video card manufacturer (if
    the card has custom features). Uninstall the old driver, then install
    the new one. Do a bit of Googling, to see if particular driver release
    numbers, are known for causing problems.

    Paul, Feb 22, 2008
  5. Jamie

    collieplace Guest

    Thank you Paul.
    You may have helped me with my video problem.

    I installed a PCI-E Nvidia card but the last three rows of icons were
    off the screen to the left. I emailed back and forth with Nvidia about
    this problem and they had me try all sorts of stuff. They had me try
    several different drivers but they didn't help. Finally after I
    installed the drivers for my original card for the umpteenth time every
    thing crashed and the computer wouldn't reboot. I had a copy of the
    drive so I installed that and went back to what I had. But now you have
    me wondering if maybe it wasn't trying to stretch across two screens.

    Now I have to install the new card (this weekend) and try it again. It
    only does this when I try to set to 1440x900. Any other settings all is
    on the screen but stretched.
    At 1440x900 about 1/4 of the screen is off to the left.

    collieplace, Feb 22, 2008
  6. Jamie

    Paul Guest

    They're not all that easy to fix :)

    On some built-in video (SIS maybe?), there was a problem where
    the desktop area was bigger than the monitor, and the mouse would
    give a "panning" behavior. In that case, stuff is off the screen,
    but moving the mouse to the area you want to see, causes the
    desktop viewpoint to move. The monitor "pans" around a larger

    That seems to be a feature of a built-in video, but a video card
    will likely do things a bit different.

    Some info that would also help, would be some information about
    your monitor. Make and model number are a start. You can also
    check to see if the monitor is automatically sending information
    to the computer. For example, this program checks the DDC serial
    interface on the monitor, and tries to get a copy of the EDID
    (display) info. It tells you things, like what resolution
    the monitor supports. Of course, if the EDID is not correct for
    the monitor, that can lead to weird displayed results.

    Paul, Feb 22, 2008
  7. Jamie

    collieplace Guest

    The on board video is a nvidia 6150LE and I am using a ProView PL926wbi.
    I uninstalled the on board drivers and changed to PCI-E in setup. Then
    installed the new board and drivers. Sometimes it would show correctly
    when I set it to 1440x900 but when I would reboot it would be off the
    screen to the left. What I was putting in was a 6600. I was just seeing
    how much difference a separate card would make rather than the on board.
    I don't do gaming.
    When I read what you said before it just got me thinking.

    Here is what the program you mentioned says;
    Windows description......... Plug and Play Monitor
    Manufacturer................ ProView
    Plug and Play ID............ PTS0770
    Serial number............... FOSD63126378U
    EDID data source............ Registry (stored)
    Manufacture date............ 2006, ISO week 12
    EDID revision............... 1.3
    Display type and signal..... Analog 0.700,0.300 (1.0V p-p)
    Sync input support.......... Separate
    Screen size................. 410 x 260 mm (~20")
    Power management............ Standby, Suspend, Active off/sleep

    Color characteristics
    Display gamma............... 2.20
    Red chromaticity............ Rx 0.636 - Ry 0.349
    Green chromaticity.......... Gx 0.290 - Gy 0.584
    Blue chromaticity........... Bx 0.143 - By 0.080
    White point (default)....... Wx 0.313 - Wy 0.329

    Timing characteristics
    VESA GTF support............ Not supported
    Horizontal scan range....... 30-80kHz
    Vertical scan range......... 60-75Hz
    Video bandwidth............. 140MHz
    Extension blocks............ n/a
    Timing recommendation #1.... 1440x900 at 60Hz
    Modeline................ "1440x900" 88.750 1440 1488 1520 1600
    900 903 909 926 +hsync -vsync
    Timing recommendation #2.... 1280x1024 at 60Hz
    Modeline................ "1280x1024" 108.000 1280 1328 1440 1688
    1024 1025 1028 1066 +hsync +vsync

    Standard timings supported
    640 x 480 at 60Hz - IBM VGA
    640 x 480 at 72Hz - VESA
    640 x 480 at 75Hz - VESA
    720 x 400 at 70Hz - IBM VGA
    800 x 600 at 56Hz - VESA
    800 x 600 at 60Hz - VESA
    800 x 600 at 72Hz - VESA
    800 x 600 at 75Hz - VESA
    1024 x 768 at 60Hz - VESA
    1024 x 768 at 70Hz - VESA
    1024 x 768 at 75Hz - VESA
    1280 x 1024 at 60Hz - ProView
    1280 x 1024 at 60Hz - VESA
    1280 x 1024 at 75Hz - VESA
    1440 x 900 at 60Hz - ProView
    1440 x 1440 at 60Hz - VESA
    1440 x 1440 at 75Hz - VESA

    Raw EDID base
    00: 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 42 93 70 07 01 01 01 01
    10: 0C 10 01 03 08 29 1A 78 EA D6 A5 A2 59 4A 95 24
    20: 14 50 54 AF CF 00 81 80 95 00 95 0F 01 01 01 01
    30: 01 01 01 01 01 01 AB 22 A0 A0 50 84 1A 30 30 20
    40: 36 00 9A 00 11 00 00 1A 30 2A 00 98 51 00 2A 40
    50: 30 70 13 00 9A 00 11 00 00 1E 00 00 00 FD 00 3C
    60: 4B 1E 50 0E 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FF
    70: 00 46 4F 53 44 36 33 31 32 36 33 37 38 55 00 69

    Display adapter
    Adapter description......... NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE
    Adapter device ID........... 0x024110DE
    Display settings............ 1440x900, 32bpp

    User/computer information
    Registered user name........ n/a
    Registered organization..... n/a
    Network user name........... HP_Administrator
    Network computer name....... YOUR-4DACD0EA75
    Windows version ............ Windows XP
    Windows build .............. 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
    Installation date .......... 9/13/2006 12:00:00 PM
    collieplace, Feb 22, 2008
  8. Jamie

    Paul Guest

    One thing that is a bit puzzling, is these two entries. Maybe
    this is normal, but you don't usually see "square" display

    1440 x 1440 at 60Hz - VESA
    1440 x 1440 at 75Hz - VESA

    I was going to suggest using a "monitor driver", which is a
    small INF file, and usually includes an ICM file (color management,
    not important to fixing this problem). What the INF file has, is
    a couple registry entries, at least one of which specs the max
    res. Sometimes, if the EDID is not helping matters, the monitor driver

    Now, the available web info on the PL926wbi states that the
    driver CD that came with the product, doesn't contain a matching
    entry for the monitor (so the CD is garbage). So that isn't
    going to help matters. As the EDID results above state, the
    model may be PL926wbi, but the INF file may make reference to

    After going to at least six Proview web sites (different
    regions), I've had no luck finding a driver. I suspect it
    is here, but the web site is not responding
    right now (the status of the site is "connection reset").
    In any case, just go to and go to the support
    and download, and search via PL926wbi, and you'll probably
    end up here anyway. I used to figure out
    this potential location for the download. But the download
    itself was not archived.

    So *if* that site works for you, you could try installing
    the monitor driver, and see if the video card and video card
    driver behave differently (stop using the wrong resolution)
    once the monitor driver is in place.

    I don't really like to promote "driver sites", as a means
    of getting drivers, but if you get tired of waiting
    for to come back, this is another alternative.

    You could probably just copy the INF from the preview of the
    proview.inf file, and modify it. Which would save the embarrassment
    of paying somebody $29.95 to download a few KB of installer file.

    Paul, Feb 22, 2008
  9. Jamie

    collieplace Guest

    Thank you for all of your help.

    I bought this monitor from WalMart when they were closing a store to
    move in to their new one. I should have known better. Everything I have
    purchased electronic from them has died or has had a problem.

    Anyway.....I am going to purchase a new monitor since I wanted a bigger
    one. Not from WalMart and a name I know.
    I will use the ProView on my wifes computer since she wanted a bigger
    one also and a flat screen.

    I hope this will allow me to use my video card.

    Again Thank You for your help.
    collieplace, Feb 22, 2008
  10. Jamie

    Paul Guest

    The link is working :) I guess someone rolled out of bed and fixed it.

    OK, when you click the link, a file "PL926Wbi" with no extension downloads.
    You'll have to change the file name and add .zip to the end. Then when
    you double click on it, your unzipping application will open it. It
    looks like they forgot to put extensions on the end of their
    downloaded files. (The manuals are screwed the same way, only
    the manuals need .pdf on the end of the file name. I figure these
    out by using a hex editor, to examine the file and determine what
    it is.)

    Once the files are unzipped, you'll see a proview.inf, and that
    is what you use to update the monitor. The ZIP file consists of
    seven ICM files (for seven different monitors) and one INF.

    I don't remember exactly what I did to install my monitor driver.
    I might have gone into Device Manager, selected Monitor, and
    done an Update Driver on it. Then point to the "proview.inf"
    and let the wizard update the driver. If you later check to
    see what is listed as a driver file for the Monitor, it will
    probably be 926w.icm (the color management file, suitable for
    aiding Photoshop to get the right colors on the screen). But
    the real magic will be the registry entries added when the INF
    is read. The registry entries should constrain the resolution
    to be no higher than 1440 x 900.

    Don't give up on it yet :)

    Besides, your wife's computer might need the INF as well.

    Paul, Feb 22, 2008
  11. Jamie

    collieplace Guest

    I installed the inf file and installed the new video card. When I set
    everything the screen was correct for 1440x900. I rebooted and it
    reverted offset to the left. I checked and it was set at 1440x900 yet
    but I set it to another setting then back and everything was correct,
    until reboot.
    My new monitor should be here Monday. 22"
    I just don't understand why it changes on reboot. But then there are a
    lot of things I don't understand.
    collieplace, Feb 22, 2008
  12. Jamie

    Paul Guest

    Well, at least you gave it a good try. Should be interesting to see if
    the problem exists on your wife's computer or not.

    Paul, Feb 23, 2008
  13. Jamie

    collieplace Guest


    Just an update on my video card. I installed my new monitor and
    everything works great with the new video card and this monitor. of
    course the native setting on this one is 1680x1050, don't know if that
    makes a difference.

    Haven't tried the other monitor on my wife's computer yet.
    collieplace, Feb 25, 2008
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