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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Paul van Andel, May 22, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    For those of you who are using it, I've uploaded the latest fixes and
    improvements of Wega2 the image viewer.
    Thanks for your feedback so far.

    - New - Compare tool for quick compare of 2 to 4 "equal" images (Ctrl+Alt+C)
    - New - Pixel magnifier added + RGB spy (up to 1000%) , Ctrl+Alt+P
    - New - Zoom added for main screen
    - Key Shortcut changes:
    .. Ctrl+Alt+C = Compare Images (new)
    .. Ctrl+Alt+F2 = Clear paperclip (changed)
    - Delete file(s) enabled at shows and paperclip
    - Dragging added for copy windows Alt+left mouse button and also load JPG
    1:1 button added
    test version (not released)
    - Added option: Remove selected files from the paperclip in normal view,
    shortcut Ctrl+Ins.
    - Up to 60% improved speed when thumbs are shown from cache folder and a
    slightly (10%) improved thumbnail creation speed.
    - Background thumbnail creation for selected folder tree.
    - Notify text while adding files to the paperclip more explanatory.
    - Bug fixed: Occured at rotating an image when the thumbnail view was used
    and closed again.
    - Filename search finds now non Wega2 viewable files also (optional)
    - Paperclip saves sort order (when the sort tool result is used)
    - Text files: scrollbox rezise bug fixed
    - Import button added (optional default on).
    - Improved import dialog, change target by selecting a folder in the normal
    tree panel.
    - Again improved compression center, abort button, progressbar and
    compression for source files added.
    - The thumbnailview will be updated (instead of reloading) when renaming,
    rotating or deleting images.
    - Exif info added to thumbnail hints (optional, default off).
    - Copy window improved, border and toolbar can be toggled on/off for maximal
    image space,
    horizontal align options added, now a jpg file can be (re)loaded 1:1.
    - Bugfix: When available space for image is too small (e.g. when super
    thumbnail shows 4 columns)
    - Bugfix: ThumbSpy window width corrected when Exif overlay is turned off.
    - Paramstr(1) added, used for Windows Explorers right click "Open with..."
    select Wega2 from the browse menu.
    - Text files (txt) can be shown (optional, default off) enable at
    - EXIF info can be saved to file from the Exif viewer.
    Paul van Andel, May 22, 2005
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  2. Paul van Andel, May 22, 2005
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