WebGoo 3.0.0 Faster Web Browser

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by memasoft, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. memasoft

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    WebGoo 3.0.0 Faster Web Browser

    *WebGoo the most easy way to open many browsing windows in one window.
    *Faster Web Browser.
    *You can Now With Webplayer Listen to The Music and to watch Films
    online With a browsing.
    *Now you don`t have to use the keyboard any more, with WebGoo on
    screen easy keyboard for you.
    *Browse your Internet Make your phone call at the same time.
    *You can Search in more site.
    *Type a word in the Address bar and press Space to automatically add
    (http: //www.) and (.com) at both side of the site-name.
    *You can type the friendly name of a favorite page in the Address bar,
    and then select the page name in the AutoComplete list that appears.
    *To display the Links bar, a handy place to keep your favorite Web
    sites, click the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Links.
    *Print the current page or active frame.
    *Automatic URL History saving and retrieval. Add/ Edit/ Organize
    Favorite Links.
    *Disable Popup Windows.
    *It`s Easy to Get and Send Mail. Have Auto Detection of ONLINE/OFFLINE
    *Can Dialup with Current Connection. Disconnect from Current
    Connection and Edit In-place Feature for Web Documents.
    *you can watch the time with WebTime clock.
    *Edit In-place Feature for Web Documents
    *upgrading protection.
    *WebGoo FTP
    *you can Picture Viewer and edit it With WebGoo Picture.
    *Send SMS Free With WebGoo SMS
    *you can search file,image,text and Video And Audio Files in computer.
    *Now Download all sites With WebGoo All Web

    and web development,




    html encrypt,

    and more in WebGoo 3.0.0

    for download

    memasoft, Jan 21, 2008
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