WDsync / Win7 on external USB Passport Essential

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by - Bobb -, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. - Bobb -

    - Bobb - Guest

    Anyone else used this program yet ?

    Family got one as a xmas gift and also a new laptop, so I thought I'd
    migrate the data via this drive.
    The paper that came with the drive folds out to about 10x17 and has legalese
    in about 40 languages.
    To use the program that is already ON the drive, it shows 3 icons with this
    1. My Computer
    2. WD_Tools
    3. WDsync
    That's it for instructions. User manual in 2 folders - useless." plug in
    cable - turn on PC"

    Bought new Win7 laptop AND a 500gb passport essential. Saw the WDsync app
    and thought - great it's kinda like " offline files " in XP. Hooked it up to
    old laptop - ran WDsync, chose My Documents - and Garmin folder from C
    drive. It spent 6-7 hours copying. Put on new PC - and the WDsync file is
    not listed. Put back on orginal - it's not listed. I HAD copied the shipped
    apps off the drive first, but what is going on?
    Their website mentions win7, xp - box only shows compatible with XP, Vista.
    Is it an old box OR does it really not work with Win7 ?

    WD website is very useless. Google search found lots of "drive not
    recognized" listings, but my issue is with WDsync. Is only works on one
    system ?? I can SEE all the compressed files that WDsync made but can't do
    anything with them. I was working offline with crossover cable but yesterday
    I went online with original pc and when I ran app I got a message "update
    available". I clicked to "download the latest version". It wants my
    name/address/rank/serial number . I really didn't need that prompt. For now
    I clicked cancel and trying to find out:

    Does it work with Win7 ?
    Had I first run it on Win7 box would it have worked there and then NOT
    worked on the XP box ?
    Is the app changing drive contents purposely?
    CAN I sync old PC to "old pc " profile", then sync THAT with another PC (
    with same/different profile in WDsync ?
    Otherwise I'll just have it copy all of Docs and Settings , ... xcopy/s
    *.doc,*.xls etc
    ( I'm on XP - Win7 is sister's PC, 50 miles away right now)
    - Bobb -, Jan 1, 2010
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